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    50 Cent Refuses To Battle Anyone On The VERZUZ Battle

    These days, 50 Cents keeps himself busy by juggling several projects at one time. Last Thursday, he did a New York premiere of the spin-off POWER series Power Book III: Raising Kanan. Additionally he’s hard at work on his newest Starz series Black Mafia Family that is set to premiere in September. Not to mention, he’s producing the soundtrack for the new series. With so much going on, it seems unlikely that 50 Cent would have time for anything else. Though, when it comes to the VERZUZ battles, he makes it clear he has no interest in making an appearance.

     We Won’t See 50 Cent On A VERZUZ Battle Anytime Soon

    via Complex

    The rapper maybe a busy man but he makes time for other activities as well. However, he absolutely refuses to participate in Timberland and Swizz Beats VERZUZ battle. During a recent interview, 50 Cent explained that the battles were only supposed to last during the pandemic lockdowns. With everything opening back up, he sees no point in continuing the virtual battles. “That happened during the pandemic when people stayed in the house. Now that we back outside, there’s other things to do. We should focus on creating a new history, not being back there,” the rapper said. Back in January, 50 Cent echoed his recent comments to The Morning Culture Show. Additionally, he noted that the virtual battles helped “contributed to rappers who didn’t receive enough recognition.” Obviously, 50 Cent believes he’s on a whole other level.

                Emcees Who’ve Requested A VERZUZ Battle With 50 Cent

    via XXL Mag

    While 50 Cent seems absolute in his decision to not do a VERZUZ battle, he still has offers rolling in. Several emcees have already requested to battle it out with the G-Unit mogul. Everyone from the likes of T.I, The Game and even the Ja Rule have discussed going toe-to-toe with 50 Cent. Even the fans agreed that they’d love to see the rap mogul spit bars with his rap colleagues. For now, though, it’s a hard pass for 50 Cent. Who knows, he might change his mind in the future. After all, he almost agreed to battle it out with The Game.

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