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    50 Cent Announces His ‘Black Mafia Family’ Soundtrack

    In a genre already filled with artists, rap legends could easily retire and make way for new talent. However, fans can’t resist a comeback from their favorite icons, like 50 Cent. The renowned rapper, known for hits like “In Da Club,” has been away from the studio for a while, but he’s making a comeback. He recently announced the release of the soundtrack for his Starz series Black Mafia Family, featuring some notable names from the rap industry, including 50 Cent himself. After completing his successful show POWER, the rapper is now gearing up for his next film project.

                50 Cent’s Black Mafia Family Series

    Black Mafia Family

    50 Cent, once a prominent rap star, has expanded his empire and ventured into various industries. From music to business, he has now made a name for himself as a successful film producer. In addition to his achievements, he has also made waves in the television world with shows like POWER and For Life. Recently, he announced the premiere date for his upcoming series Black Mafia Family. After completing filming for the Starz series, 50 Cent shared with fans that the show will debut on September 26. Building anticipation, he even claimed on Instagram that Black Mafia Family will surpass the success of POWER. It seems the rapper is determined to outshine his previous accomplishments.

                           The Soundtrack Is On The Way

    Black Mafia Family
    via Project Casting

    Alongside the launch of his latest series, 50 Cent intends to release the soundtrack for Black Mafia Family. Initially, the rapper had plans for a POWER soundtrack, but he decided to shift his focus to his new Starz series. The soundtrack will include a song by 50 Cent himself, as well as a collaboration between Dugg42 and Jeezy. However, due to a recent feud between Jeezy and 50 Cent, the executive producer of POWER has been less inclined to feature the rapper on the soundtrack. It seems that forming friendships is becoming increasingly difficult for 50 Cent these days.

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