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    50 Cent Accused of Criminal Battery After Throwing Mic at Fan

    Rapper 50 Cent is in hot water once again. He reportedly threw a microphone at a fan during a recent concert in Los Angeles. This incident has led to a battery charge against the 48-year-old artist.

    50 Cent’s Criminal Battery Video

    During the performance at the Staples Center, 50 Cent tossed a number of microphones into the crowd due to technical issues. Unfortunately, one of these microphones struck a concertgoer, Bryhana Monegain, in the head. The impact resulted in Monegain sustaining a deep cut on her forehead.

    Prompting her to file a police report against the rapper, accusing him of criminal battery. Monegain’s claim suggests that 50 Cent deliberately targeted her with the microphone, alleging that he knew she was in the area. She positioned in the walled-off section in front of the stage. Typically reserved for pyrotechnics and audio equipment.

    In response to allegations, 50 Cent’s lawyer stated that the incident was accidental. 50 with no intention to harm the woman. As of now, the police have not issued an official statement regarding the case.

    Monegain claimed that 50 Cent made direct eye contact with her before launching the mic. She also mentioned that the rapper was aware of her presence in the restricted area. The incident occurred during the final performance of 50 Cent’s “Final Lap Tour.”

    50 grew frustrated by malfunctioning microphones and unwilling to delay the show. Though threw one of the microphones into the audience, unintentionally injuring Monegain. This incident echoes a previous controversy involving mic-throwing within the hip-hop community.

    Earlier this year, Cardi B faced a similar situation during one of her concerts. Cardi invited fans to splash water on her.

    She threw a microphone that accidentally struck another concert attendee in the face. In Cardi B’s case, she was eventually cleared of any wrongdoing.

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