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    5 Things You Need to Know About The 2020 Election

    Election day is right around the corner, as people around the united states will cast their votes for their favorite propositions, presidents, senators, governors and more. This year’s election is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before and possible the most important election of our lifetimes. Here are the top 5 things you must know about this election.

    1. Who are the presidential candidates?

    If you caught last week’s debate, you would know that there are two major nominees in this election. Our current president and vice president, Donald Trump and Mike Pence who are on the republican ballot. Former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris on the democratic ticket. Although they have different views, it’s important to know who you’re voting for and which issues are important to you.

    1. Are you able to vote?

    Anyone voting on November 3rd must be at least 18 years of age. They also must be a U.S. citizen and legal residents of the state they are voting in.  Please make sure you are registered to vote. You can vote by mail, or in -person. You can also vote early. Make sure to visit your local voting sites for more information.

    1. How is this election different from previous years?

    This is one of the most important election cycles of our lifetime. This year, the pandemic has created new challenges.  With President Trump pushing a false narrative that voting by mail is a dangerous, fewer people are voting. He argues that people who mail in ballots, cheat and create fictions names and accounts. We also have less people wanting to vote because they are fearful that they will get the virus.

    1. Why do candidates focus on some states rather than others?

    When it comes to voting, it’s often clear which state are going to lean more democratic or republican. A lot of voters in some states are undecided. That is why some of the states are known as “swing states.”Some of these states include; Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, and Wisconsin.

    1. What other offices are up for election?

    As I mentioned earlier, individuals can vote on propositions, the senate, governors, mayors and more. The congress will most likely be the most closely watched race.  35 Senate seats and  435 seats in the House of Representatives will be available for the taking. Republicans currently hold a majority of seats in the Senate, and Democrats hold a majority in the House. This election could shift that balance. This is crucial because we recently just lost a Justice of the supreme court. The new president and senate will decide which candidate will replace the former Justice.

    Check out what state and local positions are up for election in your area at

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