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    5 Reasons You Need Lego Tape At Your Next House Party

    Legos, a wholesome toy that has inspired kids around the globe to build anything, has a new function for adults.

    Nimuno has created what they call Nimuno Loops (boring) but they’re taking over the Internet with a different name…LEGO TAPE! It’s only $11 for a few rolls, so they’re fairly cheap. Nimuno even made a cute little video that shows all the different ways you can use it, but let’s chalk all that out the window. I see Lego Tape as a wave of the future, but in a more repurposed role. Here’s how you can max out your next party using Nimuno’s Lego Tape.

    1. Keep L’s Rolled

    5 Reasons You Need Lego Tape-1
    Imagine being at a party and not being able to roll up. You’re coming down from your high and the Jungle Juice is watery. Having a table with a few lego tape strips could make a difference. The Nimuno’s Lego Tape is flexible and there’s an adhesive strip on the back. If you fold the tape into a “V” while keeping the bottom of the “V” on the table, you’ll have a form-fitting rolling surface. You’re welcome.

    2. Use It As Door Opening Stoppers

    Let’s avoid having drunk people wander randomly throughout the house or out in the street. No one wants to see anything bad happen to anyone. We also don’t want to see stupid things happen. My suggestion: Throw a couple strips of lego tape across the doors so guests can’t just aimlessly open doors. Talk about the magic seal.

    3. Keep Your Grip Locked On The Jungle Juice

    Do you hate it when you are at a party and some drunk person runs into you, knocking over your amazing Jungle Juice concoction? So do I side eye. Well, there are two ways to keep your juice secured in hand. You can either A) wrap the lego tape around the cup so you have a better grip or B) use the lego tap as a non-slip surface when putting it down. Either way you want to use it, let’s keep the sloppiness for the drunkies.

    4. Use It To Hang Decorations/Lights On the Wall

    Sometimes it’s hard to find ways to hang lights and honestly who has the time to deal with stuff falling down and looking crazy. Cop up on some lego tape; it’s adhesive is sturdy and you can actually use the grooves to place strips of lights. Also if you wanna get really DIY, I suggest putting some thumbtacks or nails in the raised grooves to avoid having to damage your walls. Lego tape is the perfect solution for any surface.

    5. Section Off DJ Booth

    Again for the drunk people in the back, stay in your lane! But for those of you who are past speech recognition and just wanna be close to the DJ so you can tell them how to do their mix, we’ve got something for ya. Use the lego tape to set up a barrier for the DJ Booth, your party will run more smoothly and your DJ will definitely appreciate it.

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