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    4 Things You Didn’t Know About Rapper Lil Durk

    Lil Durk is, without a doubt, one of the most popular rap performers in the world today. Whether it’s about his talent or because new rappers and trap music are extremely popular nowadays, it doesn’t matter; it’s a fact that he is one of the best.

    Luckily for you, you now have the chance to attend some of the Lil Durk concerts as he is on tour this year.

    Nevertheless, there are always some exciting and sometimes dangerous facts surrounding rap musicians, so here we will see four things that you didn’t know about Lil Durk. Let’s begin.

    Musical Journey

    Lil Durk started his musical journey on social media, as many other performers decide to do today. Still, Durk wasn’t intending to become a superstar right away, especially not one that is famous and rich.

    He began making videos of his tracks and shared them on MySpace and YouTube, and once he realized that rap and trap-style music started to take off, Durk knew that he actually had the talent and knack for music. Therefore, he began to take the music career path much more seriously.

    Durk didn’t have success overnight, and after some acts didn’t sign him, he decided to make his own label and his own image, which basically allowed him to do whatever he wanted both creatively and in a business sense. Of course, today is evident that this most certainly paid off because he is one of the most famous rappers all over the globe.

    Legal Issues

    Like many other rap performers before him, Durk also has had several different legal issues over the years. Since he was really young, he joined a gang group by the name of The Black Disciples, which evidently wasn’t a great move as he had trouble with the law many times.

    Back in 2011, he got three months in jail because of a weapons charge, and later on, he was hit with five felony charges. Some of those include criminal attempt to commit murder, aggravated assault, association with a street gang, and so on.

    Since he is one of the best rappers and has had a lot of success in the music industry, and because he is still very young, it would be great both for him and his fans if he can avoid such trouble in the near future.

    Tough Childhood

    Lil Durk was born in 1992, on October 19th. His full name is Durk Derrick Banks, and he grew up in the Chicago area.

    His life wasn’t easy, especially not when he was a child since his father, Dontay Banks Sr, was arrested and sent to jail. Therefore, Lil Durk had no choice and had to take a lot of family responsibility from a young age. Durk had said in previous interviews that there were times when he didn’t have anything to eat, which goes to show even more how difficult those times were.

    Furthermore, when he was 17 years old, he was already expecting his first kid and had to drop out of school in order to support the baby, but Durk also had to be one of the people who was part of a street gang war with his gang mentioned before.

    Durk Has His Own Record Label

    As mentioned above, Lil Durk started on social media but soon after realized that he had the talent to run his own label. He indeed released his songs and records for other major labels such as Interscope, Def Jam, and so on.

    Still, because he insists on doing things his way, Lil Durk created his own record label by the name of OTF, which actually stands for Only the Family. Moreover, OTF is not just a record label, but even more, a rap collective that has had famous rap members such as Memo600, Booka600, Doodie Lo, OTF Timo, and JusBlow600, and more.

    It is valuable to mention that this idea to form a rap collective and a record label by the name of Only the Family has improved a step further. Durk now also has Lil Durk merch for selling clothes and other merchandise online on his website

    Final Words

    Here you have some interesting facts about Lil Durk, who undoubtedly has one of the most authentic journeys to success. His life was never easy, and his worldwide fame has even more significant meaning considering what he had to do to become a famous rap performer.

    So, use the Lil Durk tour 2022 as a chance to watch him perform live, even if you don’t know many of his tracks, since you will have a lot of fun in the audience. Also, as summer is coming, this is the best time to attend some live concerts with your friends!

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