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    Apple Music & Genius Lyrics Has Officially Formed A Partnership

    Ever had a song you liked but you didn’t quite know the words? Now there is a solution for that! Not everyone is a Genius when it comes to dissecting music. If you’ve been around for a while, then you know that Lyrics has been the convenient resolution for it. In the age of golden mumble rap, between the beat and tempo, it’s hard to uncover certain phrases or words.

    Platforms like Lyrics database and Music encyclopedia has announced a partnership with Apple Music. This partnership will allow pairing the website’s lyrics with songs. Kicking off today, lyrics for “thousands of songs” will be available of Apple Music. In return, users will be able to read the lyrics while listening to a song.

    In addition, Apple Music is the official music player.  Now with the integration, Apple Music subscribers visiting Genius’ website while logged into there account will be able to songs directly on the Genius song page. The Apple music player is available on the Genius website via desktop and Apple devices.

    In other news, Apple’s Teases New Emojis for Fall 2018.

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    Latest Posts

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