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    3 things you didn’t know about the cast: Friends Reunion.

    3 things you didn’t know about the cast: Friends Reunion.

    The One Where They Come together…Friends Reunion Special

    Due to many reboots and reunions as waves of nostalgia take over, one show that was on everyone’s minds. Of course, it was the cultural phenomenon, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Now, our favorite Cast is back together in this rare friends reunion special for HBO Max. Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, and Matt Leblanc. Yes, the gang’s all here. The Friends reunion special that aired on HBO Max was full of celebrity cameos including Justin Bieber, guest stars, table reads, and a conversation with our favorite cast members. Without Further Ado, here all all the juicy details from the Reunion special. Particularly, 3 things you didn’t know about the cast of Friends.

    HBO Max Friends Reunion Special.
    3 things you didn’t know about friends.
    Courtney Cox, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matt Leblanc, & Jennifer Aniston
    HBO Max| Reunion Special

    1. No Revival or Reboot will happen! This is It.

    Lisa Kudrow made sure the audience was aware that this would not happen again. As they discussed the possiblity of reuniting once again on the Friends reunion special, Kudrow spoke first adamant that this was it. Why didn’t they decide to jump on the reboot/revival train? Kudrow clarified that it was to preserve the integrity of the ending. “That’s up to Marta & David (the writers), and..”

    “They wrapped up the show in a satisfying way, and everyone’s lives turned out well.” And they’d have to unravel all those good things in order for there to be stories. And, yeah, I don’t want anyone’s happy ending to be unraveled.”

    -Lisa Kudrow

    2. Ross & Rachel in Real life (David/Jennifer)

    Did you know the one where David and Jennifer admit their feelings? Ross and Rachel were always off and on during the course of 10 seasons. But did you know, that David and Jennifer also may have a had a “thing.” While on stage, James Corden asked the six stars if any of them had anything romantic. Jennifer pauses and looks at David, and says, “I mean, David.”

     Ross & Rachel
    David Schwimmer & Jennifer Aniston had feelings for each other just like their Ross and Rachel counterparts.
    David & Jennifer
    David Schwimmer’s Instagram

    David/Jennifer Romantic Yearnings

    To which, with her permission, began to divulge the details of their real off screen chemistry. David begins, “Yeah, the first season, we, I had a major crush on Jen. Um, I and I think we…” Aniston Chimes in, “It was reciprocated.” David continues,

    “We both had feelings for each other at some point, but timing and circumstances prevented us from pursuing a relationship.” We respected that.”

    Matt Leblac calls “bull**it” on that comment. Does the star know something we don’t or was he simply roasting his friends? Either way, it was a bit of interesting gossip to find out that one set of leads, David Schwimmer & Jennifer Aniston had feelings for each other just as their characters did on screen.

    Their First Kiss Ever was as Ross & Rachel

    F.R.I.E.N.D.S | NBC | TBS

    Jennifer added, “I told David. “It would have been disappointing if our first kiss happened on TV, but fate had it that our first kiss occurred in that coffee shop. We poured all our love and affection for each other into Ross and Rachel.” Not to mention, sexual tension. No wonder that scene was so moving! During that scene, the actors were actually feeling the same way the characters were. So, it may have been easy to slip into those roles that graced our television screens for years.

    3. Matthew Perry’s Anxiety

    Matthew Perry’s Anxiety
    3 things you didn’t know about the friends cast. 3. Matthew Perry opens up about his anxiety when shooting friends.
    Jennifer Aniston & David Schwimmer real realtionship? Friends Reunion Special – Photography by Terence Patrick
    HBO Max Special

    Unexpectantly, Matthew Perry opened up about the level of anxiety he would feel when filming friends, especially in front of a live audience. Perry recalls  pressure to get a laugh and when he didn’t he was devastated.  “At least to me, I felt like I was going to die if they didn’t laugh” The cast remained unaware of the actor’s anxiety on set. Emotionally, the actor recalled his struggles and spoke with a newfound awareness that it was not healthy.

    “It’s not good for my well-being, but there were moments when I would say a joke, and if it didn’t receive the expected laughter, I would feel uneasy and become extremely anxious. It would make me panic when I didn’t get the intended reaction.”

    Kudrow even responded to his remarks with, “I don’t remember you ever saying that.” Then, Perry added, “Oh, yeah. I felt like that every single night.” Unfortunately, the pressures and anxiety definitely impacted the actor and contributed to his struggle with substance abuse. Although, Perry has been candid about his experiences, even pointing out out in one interview that he wasn’t aware of three years of filming due to being out of it on substances. Fortunately, Perry has come through the other side and is much healthier without substances and gratefully with the support of his friends.

    A Family: On Coming Back Together

    A Family: On Coming Back Together
    3 things you didn’t know about the cast. Friends Reunion Special
    Selfy from the Cast of Friends, Matthew Perry, Matt Leblanc, David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, & Lisa Kudrow
    HBO Max

    After shooting the Reunion special, the cast came together to answer questions with Entertainment Tonight to promote their special. They discussed what it was like coming back together and the unexpected emotions that resurfaced during the shooting.

    Matthew Perry, on Reuniting

    Matthew recalled, “We’ve had a wonderful couple of days, very nostalgic, and really just a heartwarming number of days being on the set. Seeing the old set, seeing the crew, and seeing the old guys. “

    “It’s just a very loving group. When we see each other, it’s a really heartwarming thing.”

    David Schwimmer, on Chemistry of the Cast

    “I think, first of all, we felt from the first table read of the pilot, without meeting eachother beforehand, we felt an instant chemistry going way back.” Additionally, “When we were shooting the pilot that chemistry solidified.” David continued to explain how the Cast became a family. “I Just thought it was the best casting, I had ever seen.” He continued,

    “And then over the ten years, we really grew close as a family. And, part of the reason was that initial success of the show was somehting that no one else could relate to or was going through except the other five actors. We really got close because of that experience.”

    Courtney Cox on Seeing Her Friends and the Set For the first time Since the Show Ended.

    Seeing Her Friends and the Set For
    3 things you didn’t know about the cast.
    Friends Reunion Special

    The Cast of Friends, Matthew Perry, Matt Leblanc, David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, & Lisa Kudrow

    HBO Max

    Then, Courtney recalled shooting the reunion special for the first time and being asked how she was feeling. The actress remarked,

    “I slept so well, wasn’t nervous at all, feeling good. And, the first question, ‘How do you feel?’ I was like …and started crying.”

    Furthermore, they all agreed that it was an emotional experience and that there is this closeness that still remains with them, years after the show concluded. Emotionally, Courtney continued as she remarked about the set and the emotions that came up for her, “I walked on the set and I had no idea that seeing everything look exactly the same and seeing my incredible friends, even though I see these two (Aniston & Kudrow) a lot.”

    “I still was like, ‘Jen, are you crying as much as me?’ She was like, ‘yeah.’ It was just an emotional thing and today, [Kudrow] can’t stop crying.”

    In conclusion, the Friends reunion special on HBO Max gave us all we could ever want. During, the watching of the special, fans laughed, cried, and gasped out loud at all the details and memories. Also, fans were even treated to some rare behind the scenes footage and insider information on what it was like shooting those scenes. And, while fans were reluctant to say goodbye, yet again. Honestly, this special was like coming home to …well, your friends. Ultimately, what else could we ask for?

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