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    23-Year-Old Makes FAKE Kendrick Lamar AI Diss Track!

    AI vs. King Kunta: Fake Kendrick Diss Track Sparks Hip-Hop Debate

    The internet burned up this week. Supposedly a Kendrick Lamar diss track called “One Shot.” It was a bolt out of the blue for the hip hop community. To be precise, the rap globe, where the ongoing tension between two hip-hop leviathans inspires millions of rap enthusiasts. However, it is pretty conceivable to be the end of musicnerd and even mayhem. The “One Shot” lie will lead you to ask big questions about music in AI times.

    It all began with the animosity between Drake and Kendrick Lamar seemed to have slammed Drake and J. Cole on a track named “Like That .” It might have upped the ante slightly. Drake released “Push Ups” as retaliation. The tune was intended as a jibe at Lamar and company. Fans were eagerly anticipating Lamar’s reply.

    But that is not all. Meet Sy The Rapper. A 23-year-old TikTok user. He quickly brought me down to Earth by his unexpected revelation. “Hey guys, “One Shot” isn’t by Kendrick Lamar…” he dramatically confessed on video. The debate that followed wasn’t on music. It was about the extent human creation can be passed off as though it’s work done by someone else. The fulfillment of the boundaries challenged our understanding real from fake.

    Is the plot not getting more twisted, right? ibus always pushing it. There are no limits with the current potential. Anything that can be done – it will do. The Drake-Kendrick beef can go long. Okay. But this? That’s the phase.

    AI has a potential impact as a double-edged sword What enthusiastic possibilities AI can bring for creative research? Picture the life of rappers with AI. It is easier for them to make beats for their songs and create different flows. Also, they can make their vocal sound different. People will be sad one day when AI music will have the same emotion that human beings. Of course, human artists will ensure a soul and emotion in their music and relatable feel to listeners. But, others can accept it.

    The news causes a lot of controversy. Will AI be a unique source of performance and creating original beats? Or will it be a substitute that creates monotonous beats and melody?. A lot of fans want more from the Drake-Kendrick battle. This is clear that the style is changing. AI is causing people to ask what is “real” anymore in music . This debate will change as AI change.

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