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    21 Savage Wants To Live Forever

    There’s a wealth of theories out there about immortality and living forever. Most people don’t like to think of death or even try to avoid it altogether. In the world of fortune and fame, immortality is basically the name of the game. Most stars try to reverse the signs of aging by dieting, skin regimen or even having cosmetic surgery. Though, celebrities like 21 Savage have gone the extra mile to ensure their longevity. Recently, the Her Loss star claimed that he basically wanted to live forever.

    The Rapper Wants To Be Frozen Like Walt Disney

    Living forever or even just a couple years pass 100 seems like an awfully long time. Though, 21 Savage seems to think that 98 years in the future will be lit. Recently, the UK emcee went on record to say that he wants to live until 2121.

    Furthermore, 21 Savage took to Twitter to post his rather interesting New Year’s resolution for 2023. “I just want to be alive for 2121. Freeze me quickly,” he wrote on New Year’s Eve. Clearly, he’s aiming to go the same route as Walt Disney allegedly did by cryopreserving himself. Let’s see if the rapper will actually go through with his plan to achieve immortality. 

    The Fans Love The Idea

    While 21 Savage’s idea to live forever seems far-fetched, some fans encouraged him to do so. The rapper’s comment has since gone viral and spurred 55,000 likes so far. Despite mixed reactions, a few social media users liked the idea of preserving themselves for a later date. Though others noted that 21 Savage’s music will continue to impact the lives of listeners even 98 years from now. Apparently, everyone’s onboard with living forever or even just several more years in the future.

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