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    21 Savage & Nas’s “One Mic, One Gun” Was Already In The Works

    21 Savage faced continuous backlash for his remarks about Nas’ relevance, and despite clarifying his comments, he still found himself in hot water. It seems like the rapper just can’t catch a break. However, 21 Savage has now clarified the situation once again.

    Recently, 21 Savage and Nas released a collaborative track titled “One Mic, One Gun,” which led fans to believe that the two rappers had resolved their differences. However, 21 Savage clarified that they had been working on the song long before anyone knew about it.

    In the world of rap music, it’s not uncommon for artists to diss each other through songs or on social media, downplaying each other’s skills on the mic. 21 Savage previously claimed that the legendary New York emcee Nas was no longer relevant in today’s world, which didn’t sit well with rap enthusiasts and Nas fans. Many accused 21 Savage of disrespecting the iconic rapper.

    Their recent collaboration, “One Mic, One Gun,” released last Tuesday, left everyone puzzled. However, 21 Savage took to Clubhouse to share that he and Nas are on good terms with each other, providing some relief to fans and putting an end to the backlash.

    Moreover, it’s not just about the absence of beef between Nas and 21 Savage; it turns out that the two artists have been fans of each other’s work for some time. They even exchanged phone numbers.

    During the Clubhouse chat, 21 Savage further revealed that their recent collaboration had been in the works for a while, surprising many who thought otherwise. Let’s hope that their friendship is genuine and not just another publicity stunt.

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