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    2 Key Elements of a Convincing Hollywood Romance, According to Experts

    When it comes to celebrity couples, fans can get pretty rowdy. As loyal fans, we love to cheer on our favorite A-list duos. Fans are also quick to call BS when a romance looks like a PR lab cooked it up. Fake Hollywood romances can be insulting, but they can also be easy to spot if you know what to look for.

    How To Spot Fake Hollywood Romances

    Celebrity couples often have a more challenging time staying together than their non-celebrity counterparts. It can be challenging for even the most stable of relationships to survive under the harsh glare of the spotlight. There’s the constant paparazzi on hand, their lives scrutinized by the media, and the daily overexposure.

    While many of these couples seem fake, there are also a few A-list pairs that stay true to their roots and manage to find lasting love in the limelight. One of the most famous fake celebrity romances ever was Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. Their affair and quick marriage ended in a dramatic divorce only 72 days after they married.

    Although Kim and Kris denied it, their TV wedding and relationship portrayal seemed to be for publicity purposes. But what about those celebrity couples who have managed to stay together for decades?

    There are a few vital elements to detecting which Hollywood romances are real and which are fake.

    First, we’ve got to establish that the two people in the relationship have mutual respect for one another and care deeply about each other. That’s important because, without it, the relationship can crumble under scrutiny.

    Second, we’ve got to determine that the couple has a strong friendship outside of their romantic connection.

    This could mean they have shared business or professional interests, they’re involved in a charity, or they share a close group of friends. This makes them less likely to have a fake relationship. Because they have an outside source of support that can help them navigate the pressures of the spotlight.

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