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    2 Chainz Reacts to Expensive ‘Veganic’ Marijuana: Is It Worth the Price?

    2 Chainz Puffs the Most Expensive Vegan Weed

    When you’re a rapper with “mo’ money mo’ problems,” you can’t help but enjoy the finer things in life. On his new series, Most Expensivest, 2 Chainz is out to find the world’s most outrageous luxury goods—and see if they’re worth the price tag. He tries excesses like an $800 bottle of beer, $5,000 chicken wings, and even the most expensive cup of coffee. He samples rare wines, plays with $165,000 kittens, and even ponders the age-old question over a $10,000 steak dinner.

    In the latest episode, 2 Chainz puffs on the most expensive veganic weed—a high-end marijuana cultivar made with natural nutrients unprocessed by chemicals. The LA Island-produced strain, Isla OG, is so pure that it’s placed in aluminum canisters for curing after trimming. During the episode, cannabis industry vet Dr. Dina explains that natural nutrient cultivation is expensive, adding that it costs $200 a pound to make the food needed to grow veganic weed.

    To celebrate the 2023 National Cannabis Fest’s seventh annual event, the festival partnered with the vegan cannabis brand, Kindland, to offer their most potent flower and edibles. The northwest wing of the festival was also dubbed the Munchies Zone, a buffet of baked snacks to satisfy any hunger pang. Inclusivity was a big theme of the event, with special lounges for veterans and LGBTQ+ attendees and cannabis-infused menu items catering to specific dietary restrictions.

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