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    2 Chainz Las Vegas Restaurant Residency: Rapper Shares Details on New Music with Lil Wayne

    2 Chainz Takes Over Vegas with New Restaurant Residency and Lil Wayne Collab

    Get ready for an incredible blend of hip-hop and mouth-watering dining experiences as the Grammy winner superstar 2 Chainz invades the vibrant Las Vegas entertainment scene. Not only he is a chart-topping rapper but also a culinary genius, and he’s here to prove that to everyone.

    2 Chainz and his partner, the acclaimed Snoop Dillard, have been wowing taste buds for nearly seven years with their culinary masterpiece, Esco Restaurant & Tapas. Their secret ingredient? It’s 2 Chainz’s love for food and his worldly adventures that have inspired this delightful journey.

     “Snoop” Dillard and 2 Chainz.
    VIA-Prince Williams via Getty Images

    And now, after having positioned himself in entertaining people, 2 Chainz enters through the doors of another platform – not just in rap but in cooking. He is set to start a residency at a restaurant service center in the world’s entertainment hub called Las Vegas.

    In a recent chat, the rapper spilled some beans on his restaurant venture and an interesting new music project. He’s not just cooking up music beats; he’s serving delicious dishes too.

    “I’m absolutely thrilled to bring a slice of Esco’s culinary magic to the bustling city of Las Vegas. Our menu is a blend of global flavors, and we can’t wait to serve it up to the folks in Vegas,”

    2 Chainz exclaimed with genuine excitement.

    But that’s not all – get ready for some musical magic too. 2 Chainz is teaming up with none other than the legendary Lil Wayne. Their upcoming project, “Welcome to ColleGrove,” promises to set the hip-hop scene on fire with blazing beats and lyrics that will make your heart race.

    2 Chainz teased,

    “We’ve been cooking up something special for our fans. ‘Welcome to ColleGrove’ is a project from the heart, and we’re all set to make waves in the world of hip-hop.”

    This dynamic duo isn’t about making hits but history here. 2 Chainz also pointed out how important it is to support Black-owned restaurants and chefs – something that means the world to him.

    2 Chainz poses alongside fellow restaurateurs
    VIA-Pepsi Dig In program

    And as a Black artist and prospering restaurant owner, he’s on a mission to inspire others to break through perceived limits. His journey from the music world to the culinary realm is a powerful testament to how dedication and learning open new horizons for us all.

    So, mark your calendars because 2 Chainz is bringing the sizzle to Las Vegas with his restaurant residency and an explosive collaboration with Lil Wayne. Whether you’re a food lover or a music enthusiast, this year promises to be an exciting fusion of flavors and beats. Keep an eye out for updates on this incredible double treat!

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