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    11 takeaways from Lucifer Season 6; Trailer Breakdown

    11 takeaways from Lucifer Season 6; Trailer Breakdown

    Lucifans, we are reaching the conclusion of the Lucifer series. While, it began on fox and ultimately, cancelled after season 4, the show was saved by Netflix. This as due to fan petitions for the show. After its rescue, Netflix took over proving to be the best choice for the show and the content and gave us a two part Season 5.

    As, it was set to end with season 5, fans were surprised when the announcement came that it would be getting a final season to wrap up the story. Season 6 will be 10 episodes and will conclude each character’s journey. Lucifer, season 5, ended with Lucifer defeating Michael and taking the position of being successor to God. It was a turmultous journey that led his siblings to revolt against him. Ultimately, they came around to support him as God.

    According to IMDB, these will be the episode titles to correspond with the season 6, ten episodes.

    Season 6, Episode Titles:

    • S6E01 Nothing Changes Around Me Here
    • S6E02 Buckets of Baggage
    • S6E03 Yabba Dabbo Do Me
    • S6E04 Pin the Tail on the Baddie
    • S6E05 The Murder of Lucifer Morningstar
    • S6E06 A Lot Dirtier Than That
    • S6E07 My Best Fiend
    • S6E08 Save the Devil, Save the World
    • S6E09 Goodbye Lucifer
    • S6E10 Partners ‘Til the End

    11 takeaways; What to Expect for Season 6.

    Season 6 of Lucifer will air September 10th of 2021. But first, here are 11 takeaways to look forward to for Lucifer’s Season 6. Let’s breakdown the trailer.

    1. In the beginning, Lucifer talks to a police officer for speeding declaring that he is “God Now, …well, nearly.”


    No one expected that his transition from Devil to God would be a smooth one but why is he hesitant. Is there something that impedes that transition. For instance, does he have to leave Chloe behind to become God? It seems, he’s still tying to settle into his new role of God and stepping into his father’s shoes. Lucifer has struggled with his relationship with his father for 5 seasons. So, it’s understandable that this would be a big transition for him. In the trailer, Lucifer has not taken his place on the throne which causes a number of events that force his hand.

    all bad things

    Must Come To An End

    2. Apocalypse…pushing his hand to sort everything

    The laws of nature begin to breakdown and a frog is seen meowing. Ella informs the others that the apocalypse is here and what to expect. Does she find out at that point, that Lucifer is the devil now becoming God? How does Ella help Lucifer moving forward? Does she get her happy ending with Dan’s friend?

    Lucifer Season 6

     11 takeaways

    3. Chloe returns to the police department and takes on more cases?

    In the trailer, Chloe and Lucifer appear to be going on adventures and possibly solving cases. Could she be back on the force or are they investigating on their own accord? Maybe, they are both hestitant to give up being partners in the police department?

    Chloe return

    4. Lucifer returns to therapy, “The world has no god.”

    In great comedic fashion, Lucifer returns to therapy despite declaring last season that he was all healed. Could he be struggling with the new role of becomming God? Will therapy help him step into that new role or will he once again ignore therapy and do his own thing?


    5. Chloe and Lucifer in Hell

    Lucifer brings Chloe to hell. Then, shows her his throne. This is major growth for him because his devil persona, actual role of torturer was something he was uncomfortable with sharing to others. Could he be embracing his vulnerability to Chloe? How can Chloe be in hell? Also, could it be that they are attempting to save Dan from his hell loop and possibly help him go into heaven?

     Lucifer Season 6

     Lucifer Season 6

    6. Angel, Rory, that wants to kill Lucifer

    Who is she? Is she one of Lucifer’s siblings, and offspring? In Season 6, this mysterious person is on a mission to destroy Lucifer. Why and what triggers this? Could it be that Rory is not a fan of the new Lucifer who is no longer rebelling against Dear ol’ Dad but instead stepping into his shoes as God? Could she use his weaknesses against him and actually kill the devil, himself?

    Angel, Rory

    7. Detective Douche, Dan is back?

    Dan is back

    During the trailer, fans are given several scenes with Dan but as we know from season 5, Dan is dead. So, i s this a hell loop? or is he appearing as a ghost alongside his friends, watching over them. At one point, he tries to stop someone but goes through the body. Could Lucifer and Chloe rescue Dan from his hell fate and disrupt his hell loop?

    8. Amenadiel is now an officer

    Amenadiel is now an officer

    Last season, Amenadiel was talking with Dan about his desire to become a cop. While, he appeared dismissive over if Amenadiel could actually do the job, viewers discover that he actually put in the application for him. This is revealed after Dan’s death. Season 6 shows Amenadiel’s journey in becoming the rookie cop.

    9. Maze and Eve reunited but stil bounty hunting

    Maze and Eve reunited

    Maze has a soul and get’s her soulmate in Eve. As seen in the trailer, she continues bounty hunting but this time alongside Eve. Could this be the end of her story and her happily ever after? Or will we see more changes with her character?

    10. Animated “Loony Tunes” Episode from Harley Quinn creators

    Loony Tunes

    Loony Tunes

    11. Chloe attempting to kill Lucifer

    It’s really doubtful that it is actually Chloe. Most likely this is Rory who is either shapeshifting or entering Chloe’s body.

    kill Lucifer

     Chloe attempting

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