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    10 Best Moments That Happened At Paige Hurd’s 30th Birthday Bash

    No body parties harder than celebrities do. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Drake has hosted one of the most outlandish birthday parties ever. Actress Paige Hurd rung in her 30th birthday with a huge bang. Furthermore, the former Everybody Hates Chris child star hosted an Enchanted Forest-themed birthday bash. Clearly, a lot of creativity went into planning her big special day. After all, we only turn 30 once. Why not go all out? Here are 10 of the best moments that happened at Paige Hurd’s enchanted birthday bash.

    She Arrived In Style

    Paige Hurd has over 20 years in the film and television business, pretty much taking on royalty status at this point in her career. Not to mention, she’s the goddaughter of the legendary DMX. The actress was born to play the part of a princess. Hurd thought so too, after arriving at her extravagant 30th birthday bash in a Cinderella-inspired gown and the matching carriage. 

    Guests Received Champagne Glasses

    Though, her grand arrival didn’t stop there. Additionally, Hurd and the other guests were handed champagne glasses by the waiters through an enchanted forest wall upon entry. In an Instagram video, Hurd looks surprised when she’s given a glass.

    The Star-Studded Celebrity Guest List

    Though, Hurd’s grand birthday bash wasn’t complete without her star-studded guest list. Everyone from Hurd’s family, friends, and loved ones rolled up to the Hollywood event. Many of the guests included Quincy Brown and Puff Daddy’s son Christian Combs. Talk about a celebrity birthday party full of high-profile stars.

    Hurd’s Friends Wishing Her A Happy Birthday From Afar

    Furthermore, a video montage celebrating Hurd’s thus far greeted The Oval actress. Additionally, she received birthday wishes from friends from afar such as Larenz Tate, Megan Good, and Ryan Destiny.

    Pose For The Gods

    Paige Hurd
    via lifelovemusiq

    In addition to spending time with friends, a couple of them took the opportunity to pose for the camera. While Hurd took group photos with Quincy Brown, her other friends like actors Michael Jai White and Gillian White played it solo. The couple couldn’t look any happier. Clearly, everyone was all smiles at Paige Hurd’s birthday bash.

    She Thanked The Best Buddies Foundation

    Speaking of friends, Hurd’s favorite charity organizations attended the birthday extravaganza. The Best Buddies Foundation, an organization that improves the lives of the mentally disabled, shared a few kind words for Hurd. In return, the actress thanked the organization and its members for making the night all the more special.

    Dancing With Her Guests

    The night became even more interesting when Paige Hurd took to the dance floor with her guests. In the video posted to her Instagram, Hurd even starts twerking with one of her friends. Clearly, the birthday girl had a great time.

    Her Godmother Gave A Speech

    Paige Hurd clearly had a great time at her 30th birthday bash. Though, she had some serious moments, too. During the festivities, her godmother, Tashera Simmons gave a speech, praising Hurd on her accomplishments. During Simmons speech, Hurd cried tears of joy.

    Her Childhood Photos On Display

    Making the party even more special, childhood photos of Paige Hurd hung all around the celebratory hall. Moreover, the photos further showcase the legacy and impact Hurd left in the entertainment industry. She’s a true American sweetheart.

    Her Tribute To DMX

    Paige Hurd
    via Twitter

    Perhaps one of the best moments of the evening came with Hurd’s tribute to her godfather DMX. In speaking with ESSENCE, Hurd wished they could celebrate her 30th birthday together.

    “I just wish he was here on such a milestone . . . . I’ll always include him in things that are important to me for the rest of my life.”

    We’re sure that DMX would’ve been proud of his goddaughter and all that she’s accomplished.

    Which of the 10 moments did you like best about Paige Hurd’s 30th birthday bash? Let us know in the comments.

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