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    Zuhbastian shows his versatility in the new release “Genesis.”

    Dutch producer and artist Sebastian Janssen, alias Zuhbastian has shared his most recent project, “Genesis.” Featuring six solid tracks to further define his unique style of creating melodic tunes with hip-hop undertones.

    Masterfully blending beats with captivating sounds is where he excels at. Due to his immeasurable loyalty to the craft of producing music, he has enabled himself to develop his distinctive style and truly touch the feelings of thousands of listeners around the globe. T

    Regarding his latest project, Zuhbastian says, “Genesis” is about positively finding balance. “I wanted to demonstrate how music can be created in a different form while still respecting the core fundamentals of it all, and I believe ” Genesis” does a great job of showing that exactly,” he says. The future is bright, and he knows it Zuhbastian appears as an artist equipped with all the correct tools and skills to merge his passion into excellent work. A combination of delivering the tunes that people enjoy and producing in an uncommon matter is what drives him to the best version of himself.

    Stream “Genesis” on Spotify

    Connect with Zuhbastian: Instagram | Spotify

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