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    Years & Years “Sanctify”

    Years and Years, the UK dance-pop group debuted their first album ’Communion’ in 2015. They captured the hearts all the way to UK #1. The album went on to sell 1.5 million copies. They won numerous awards and nominations for it. They are just one album into their career and they have won multiple platinum certifications and played at world-famous music festivals.

    New Single

    After a short break, the dance-pop hitmakers have launched their new single ‘Sanctify’ from their second album. One word to say about the video for the single; Stunning. Sanctify is a bold leap for Years and Years in terms of music from their usual British Classic Pop. The top UK online casino has an amazing collection of music-themed casino games which keeps the player entertained throughout the gameplay. Find slot games based on some of your favourite musicians on top of the list.

    The Single Video

    The video for Sanctify takes the viewers on a wild ride to a different dimension. The video is a good kind of confusing in a bizarre way. The video is open to perceptions so that every person can have their own personal journey with the song. It is quite ambitious in a way that it happens in a fantasy world. It makes you question the chaotic way the current world is progressing. It makes us question; what makes us a human. The single video takes you to an imaginary society of Androids called Palo Santo where humans are used for entertainment. The most exciting part is that the video says Sanctify: Part 1, which means they have something more powerful is coming up and they have just laid on the stepping stone.

    What’s more for Years and Years

    Sanctify gives you a peek at what you can expect from Years and Years from now on. A futuristic style of Pop with a deep insight into the problems faced by the society. Sanctify itself is an electrifying number which takes their signature style to a new and exhilarating era. Sanctify will appear in their next record that is set out to be released this summer. Even though this is just their second album, Years and Years have made a profound impact on British Pop music. Also, they have Olly Alexander as a front man for their band who understands his responsibility and accepts it.

    Single release and Album release

    Olly the front man for the band and the other members had started releasing new clips from the single as a way of teasing the fans. And get their hearts racing for the finale which is the video release. The single itself debuted on Radio 1 on March 7. The fans don’t need any more teasing as they have been waiting for more than two years for the next album. They also went on a Question and Answer session with the fans about the new single and their upcoming album.

    If this is a hint of what is yet to come from the band, be ready to blast it on repeat. Their electrifying intro into their new album has the hearts racing but it’s not nearly enough. Years and Years never let anybody down since releasing their explosive single King.

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