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    Ye Challenges Anyone To A Smackdown For Canceling Dave Chappelle

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    According to The Daily Beast, Ye is challenging anyone who is denouncing Dave Chappelle to a smackdown. Just a few weeks ago, Dave Chapelle addressed the trans community in his recent Netflix special, Closer. Indeed, this causes a rift in the LBGTQ community, petitioning the cancellation of the Chappelle Show creator. As uproar continues, there is no true cancellation in place. Netflix refuses to remove the show. Now, Ye is chiming in.

    Keeping up with Kanye

    Ye is in love with the attention he receives, especially skeptical ones.
    Not only is Ye unphased by what anyone thinks of him, it is the fact that he cares to be hated. Kanye’s Kanye complex is continuing to surpass any and all egos within the industry. If there is something that needs addressing, Ye is going to say it. Not only is he going to say it, he is going to say it with a smile.

    Ye’s mother, Donda, is responsible for his fueling his gifts and his superiority complex. Donda’s death undoubtedly sparked a change in Kanye. Following the passing of Donda, Kanye’s ego doubled as his brilliance became more evident.

    The star’s candid expletive rants are often random and at all the improper times, but that what Ye’s fans love about him. Even those who swear to hate him cannot deny his grandness. He is one of the most top GRAMMY winners in history scoring 21 awards, according to the GRAMMYS. Moreover, Ye is a fashion designer and a newfound tech mogul. He is the wealthiest African American male artist in the music industry, and he is not humble about it. Amid his divorce from Kim, Ye is on his George Bush times two.

    It’s Whoever Wants Beef with Ye

    Speaking of George Bush, Kanye’s first live candid TV moment, he blurted, “George Bush don’t care about black people.” Since then he’s been the King of ‘IDGAF’. In an interview with Drink Champs, Ye defended Dave by spewing a few choice words.

    “Man if they don’t get the fck up outta here, bro. Cancel what? I’ll smack the sht out of you when I see you. He ten went on to say, “This our culture now, you can’t cancel none of us.”

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