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    World War 3 Warning: “New Nostradamus” Predicts June 18th as Trigger Date

    Kushal Kumar is an Indian astrologer, though many have nicknamed him the “New Nostradamus” for his bold predictions from Vedic astrology. Kumar has a background in Vedic astrology. It is a traditional Hindu system of astrology where persons look into the position and movement of celestial bodies, which they believe can show them future events.

    Kumar has recently made a forecast that World War III may begin on June 18, 2024, because of the “strongest planetary stimulus” on this day, using Vedic astrology, albeit a millennia-old practice, to read the lines of planetary alignments and their effects.

    Other dates apart from June 18 that Kumar has identified for this year are June 10 and June 29, 2024. He believes that these days, there might be other planetary movements of importance that may affect world matters.

    Yet, Kumar has a history of predictions, such as the prophesied escalation of global tension and specific conflict between Israel and Hamas, China and Taiwan, and the unfolding Ukraine-Russia situation. His prophecies are fulfilled, so his new warning has some merit.

    Kumar’s predictions have, hence, gained massive momentum in social media, which, in turn, has grabbed the attention as well as debate of the public. The online fraternity has, hence, been flooded with discussions about the possible ramifications that the prediction might create, reflecting both curiosity and skepticism at the same time as concern.

    Kumar has also suggested that maritime regions may play a significant role in conducting a possible World War III, and there will be substantial political movements in vulnerable areas. With this maritime aspect, a close focus is given to the seas, not very different from the strategic significance in the navies of any world war.

    On 18 June 2024, the five planets Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune will be, for the first time in two centuries, configured in this order: The event will be visible in the early morning hours an hour before sunrise. As it will be possible to view all the five naked-eye planets on the same side of the Sun at the same time, making it a truly exceptional configuration. The moon will be an excellent guidepost as it stands beside each of the planets from one day to the next around this date.

    Astrology is one of the oldest disciplines, and there have been many cases of predictions that fit actual events. Astrologically, people use specific changes that occur in the cosmos to foretell significant eruptions. Still, such predictions stay a matter of argument as far as their precision is concerned.

    Astrology does not have any firm scientific foundation, and as such, its legitimacy is debated among scientists. No statistical proof has been found in any of the many modern studies for the claims about astrology. The handful of double-blinded studies that have been conducted failed to find any correlation between astrological placings and concrete events in the real world or people.

    Kushal Kumar is one of those few astrologers whose predictions that World War III will break out on 18 June 2024 have grassroots interest and controversy. Sides are usually taken in this respect, and people either become astrologists’ admirers, though the modern world laughs at such predictions. Whatever the case, predictions drawn on astrological bases or scientific assumptions invite us to think over: Why did man always show such immense interest in the stars?

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