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    Trump’s Endless Fuck Ups Will Start WORLD WAR 3!

    Donald Trump is calling his own intelligence people “naive” in his latest tweets.

    Earlier this week, an American intelligence assessment of international threats to the nation was released. According to the New York Times,  the report contradicts President Trump‘s claims about foreign policy.  It states that both North Korea and Iran are unlikely to give up their ambitions for a nuclear arsenal. This goes directly against a recent claim that North Korea has given up its nuclear program.

    Trump then went on to discredit his own intelligence team by stating that they are “naive” and wrong. Dont believe us, check out these disturbing tweets and video below:

    But, let’s be honest. If the president cannot agree with his own staff, then the country is in trouble. It seems like no one in Washington can agree with each other under his administration. In addition to this, the government was shut down for most of January because Trump wants his wall. However, it is not the people are squabbling who suffer the most. The people who are going to pay for their bickering are the American citizens. So, we stand with Cardi B: Fuck Trump’s Racists Ass! 

    But, what do you think of Trump’s latest claim? Let us know with a comment below and for more news, keep it locked!


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