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    Why Doesn’t Anyone Want To Play With Lebron James

    Why doesn’t anyone want to play with LeBron James? Power forward Anthony Davis has opted for free agency today turning down a laker max contract of $149 million dollars. Meaning Davis will become an unrestricted free agent.

    Why Doesnt Anyone Want To Play-1

    LeBron James began his career in Cleveland as the star and leader of the Cavaliers. However, James was unable to accomplish his goal of becoming a champion. So James left Cleveland to be a role player on the Miami heat. With Dwayne Wade and Chris bosh.

    What’s really the issue?

    Early behind the scenes interaction between bosh and James left bosh contemplating leaving the Miami heat.

    After LeBron James won a few championships with Dwayne wade. James ended up back in Cleveland.  However, after complaining that he couldn’t do it by himself, the Cavaliers brought in Star point guard Kyrie Irving. By far one of the most feared guards in the league.

    But after a championship and a few seasons. Irving and James were at odds. Ultimately causing Irving to leave Cleveland for the Boston Celtics. Eventually, LeBron James would turn down Cleveland and become a free agent.

    After becoming a free agent LeBron James signed to the Los Angeles Lakers. Who had Kyle Kuzma and acquired Anthony Davis. However, LeBron James would find himself in a war of words with Kuzma’s trainer. After the Laker’s loss to the Clippers on Christmas day Kuzma’s trainer claimed LeBron James was afraid of Clippers star Kawhai Leonard. Kuzma commented on Twitter saying “calling a spade a spade”

    Although LeBron says there was no tension everyone knew there was. With all the talk about how LeBron James is the greatest why is it he cannot command his team. Kobe Bryant was the most difficult teammate to play with but who he was commanded respect.

    Bryant’s teammates never trashed him in public. Shaquille O’Neal is the only exception. Furthermore, it appears LeBron doesn’t receive the respect players like Kobe, Jordan, and Wade receive.

    It’s the only reason Anthony Davis would turn down $149 million dollars. Any player would have taken that to play with Kobe Bryant.

    What do you think Anthony Davis free agency?

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    2. Ummmmm. The article in question clearly states Lebron came back to Cleveland and complained about not having talent and the Cavs then brought Kyrie in. That is FALSE. The Cavs drafted Kyrie before Lebron came back. I don’t care what article you drag up. Kyrie and Lebron had a good relationship. Kyrie left because he wanted to be Batman and not Robin. The whole headline is misleading and disingenuous at best. You know it. You can go F yourself too. Douche bag.

    3. So you don’t think they were building a team for LeBron to come back too…??? Somethings are better left unsaid…ijs

    4. Your article has so many inaccuracies, it can’t be taken seriously. You’re a hack at best.

      Get your facts straight before your write anything!

    5. Dude…. your story has so many inaccurate details, you can’t be taken seriously. Kyrie was drafted by the Cavs while Lebron was in Miami. He was already in Cleveland when Lebron came back. He left after the season in which they won the NBA finals.

      Kyrie and Lebron were never at odds. You’re an idiot.

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