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    Wes Denzel drops a captivating DIY-style music video “Some Know”

    Wes Denzel, the emerging music sensation from San Antonio, shares his latest music video for the chart-topping single “Some Know.” The DIY-style visual masterpiece is a true reflection of Wes’ undeniable talent, infectious flow, and clever rhymes while highlighting his journey to self-confidence. With his unique energy and grassroots approach to music, Wes Denzel pushes the boundaries and leaves an indelible mark on the hip-hop scene.

    “Some Know” is much more than just a song; it is a powerful ode to personal growth and the strength of self-acceptance. Wes Denzel’s raw lyrics and captivating beats paint a vivid picture of his journey toward self-confidence as he finally breaks out of his shell and feels comfortable in his own skin. The track serves as an anthem for anyone who has ever struggled with self-esteem, resonating with its relatable themes and empowering message.

    In the accompanying music video, Wes Denzel takes his viewers on a visually stunning tour of the streets of Houston, paying homage to the city that shaped him. The DIY-style production perfectly captures the essence of Wes’ artistic vision, immersing the audience in his world and showcasing his genuine personality. As the video progresses, Wes’ confidence grows steadily, ultimately culminating in a point of unwavering determination.

    Reflecting on the inspiration behind “Some Know,” Wes Denzel shared, “This song is really about my journey towards self-discovery and feeling comfortable in my own skin. Throughout the track, I exude confidence, revealing a level of self-assurance that only a select few truly understand. I also incorporate references to various places and experiences that only some people may know about. If you know, you know!” Wes’ music video for “Some Know” is a must-see for all music lovers and demonstrates his remarkable talent and artistic vision.

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