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    Weed Inspired Love Songs To Blaze To

    Whether it is THC or CBD, many musicians participate in cannabis at some point in the creative process. As well, many music fans also partake in the consumption of marijuana. Check out below these bud-friendly marijuana love songs.

    1. Boosting One’s Tolerance

    Claiming to be tired is a classic way to deflect accusations of being under the influence of THC, but maybe stoners actually mean something else. “I be gettin’ tired of bein’ friendly” this track claims.

    2. Wishing to Be High to Escape the Lows

    Jhené Aiko’s storytelling is superb. “Someone tell my baby mama I’m just tryna’ keep the peace/I ain’t here for all that drama, “I want to smoke. Life isn’t a fairy tale, I understand it too well. Sometimes you have to sow the seed.” No one can control everything that happens to them, but everyone can control how they choose to react to it.

    3. Only Smoking Fire

    “Now which Backwood I’m gon’ light up?/Turn it right up and get the party crackin’.” During times of stress and increased agitiation, lighting up can often mean keeping the peace. Maybe that’s why Snoop Dogg proclaims in this track, “[he is] ready for a kush shotgun.”

    4. Smoke Weed to Get through the Day

    This song is all about coping with ambition by staying grounded. “Dreams of me livin’ lavish/Gotta do great, I can’t do average.” Toking can ease the mind of those who dream with their eyes open.

    5. Just Flame Up the Weed

    Juicy J emphasizes that it probably won’t kill you, but weed can be used to explore the universe. “I think we’re dying/How much did y’all have?/Uh I don’t know, we made brownies and I think we’re dead.”


    1. “Time is going by really really really really slow.” DUH! That’s the point! I’d say based on the “facts” of that newsworthy story, this particular gentleman was perhaps served a hefty dose of “ganja karma.”

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