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    Univ. of Texas Men’s Basketball Coach Chris Beard Arrested

    Yesterday Evening, University of Texas men’s basketball coach Chris Beard was arrested on a domestic violence charge. Beard is 49; he was arrested by police in Austin, Texas, for a third-degree charge, reported by Myron Medcalf and Jeff Borzello for ESPN. The details of the charge appear to be due to him attempting an “assault of a family or household member, impede breath circulation.” 

    In other words, he attempted to strangle his family or a member of his family. He was arrested yesterday evening at 4:18 AM and later released from Travis County jail at 2:44 PM after posting a bond. Beard’s bail was set at $10,000, essentially, a drop in the bucket for him. 

    However, Beard must follow strict instructions unless he encounters the law once again. The rules permit beard to communicate with the alleged victim in a non-threatening manner, he must also stay 200 yards away front the residence where he initially encountered the police. This may go without saying, however, he’s also not allowed to carry around or possess any firearm going forward.

    Is Chris Beard Innocent?

    Many would agree, if these allegations are true then beard deserves to pay for his actions. However, if these allegations aren’t true then he deserves a wholehearted apology and his job back. Due to the arrest of Beard, the University of Texas felt obligated to simply fire him as the HC of the men’s basketball team. Texas couldn’t allow the negative allegations to represent their school. Therefore, from a business standpoint, they were forced to cut ties.

    Chris Beard’s attorney, Perry Minton, strongly asserts his client’s innocence, stating that he should not have been arrested. Minton adds that the complainant seeks immediate release and dismissal of all charges, which he finds truly unimaginable.

    The University of Texas has acknowledged the situation involving Chris Beard and is currently gathering information while monitoring the legal proceedings.

    Texas Longhorn’s Basketball Ranking 

    Texas ranked seventh overall, according to the Associated Press poll. Currently, they sit at 7-1 and are off to the best start in years. The Longhorns are set to take on Rice University on Monday night. Regrettably, Beard was terminated during the second year of his seven-year contract, which guaranteed him an annual salary exceeding $5 million. Prior to Texas, he coached at Texas Tech, where he went 112-55 in five seasons. 

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