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    U.K Rapper Lady Leshurr Attacks Her Ex & Her Girlfriend

    Some relationships require time and space. However, too much time apart can lead to a breakup. No one likes getting dumped by the other person, especially when they’ve moved on with another person.

    While breakups are hard to deal with, sometimes it’s best to move on, too. Unfortunately for Melesha O’Garro aka U.K. rapper Lady Leshurr, moving on isn’t an option. This week, police arrested the female emcee after attacking her ex-girlfriend and her partner. Talk about relationship drama.

    Lady Leshurr Refused To Move On

    Lady Leshurr
    via SoundCloud

    Diddy and Toni Braxton know that moving on from former lovers is the best solution when working through a breakup. They may still be hung up on their exes, but they’ve managed to date others. Lady Leshurr needs to listen to their songs several times over.

    However, the U.K rapper has a hard time letting things go. Furthermore, police arrested the Birmingham artist after she allegedly attacked two women on an East London street on Saturday morning.

    Specifically, after leaving a local club, Lady Leshurr got into a street fight with her ex-girlfriend and her new partner. The UK rapper wasn’t cool seeing her ex with another woman.

    The Female Rapper Gets Slammed With Charges

    Lady Leshurr
    via Deezer

    However, Lady Leshurr had to deal with the consequences of her actions. Footage of the arrest showed the female emcee being dragged away in handcuffs.

    Furthermore, Lady Leshurr has been charged with two counts of assault occasioning bodily harm. Leshurr’s ex and partner were treated at a local hospital and have since been discharged. Now Leshurr’s ex-girlfriend faces assault charges as well.

    Moreover, the two women were scheduled to face their judgment at London’s Thames Magistrates’ Court yesterday. Things aren’t looking great for the former lovers.


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