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    Twitter Is Dragging Terry Crews For His Comments.

    Terry Crew’s latest comments about #Blacklivesmatter, have fans ready to hit cancel.

    Actor Terry Crews wrote a tweet that said: “We must ensure #blacklivesmatter doesn’t morph into #blacklivesbetter”. Black Twitter didn’t take too kindly to his comments and had been roasting Crews ever since. 

    Last year Terry Crews was heralded a hero for his bravery in speaking out as a male during the #metoo movement. However, as it has been with the rest of the world, 2020 wasn’t that kind to Crews.

    First, his team had to deal with the backlash that came from when Gabrielle Union was fired from America’s got talent. Crews was a co-star on the show and her only black one at that. So fans were surprised to hear when Terry didn’t support Union in her statements about treatment onset regarding race.

    The black community was quick to remain “Damon” that his start and success is directly attributed to people of color supporting him.

    His PR team was able to douse the fire a little with some quick action.

    Now though, their client has made their Job ten times harder with his #Blacklivesbetter comment.

    Despite most of the responses being negative, a few were in support of the “Friday After Next” actors’ statements. Even more, some of the people condemning Crews say that the intention is not to cancel, it’s to inform.

    Terms like #blacklivesmatter or #defundthepolice can sound troubling to some people. However, a simple internet search can provide details into what these things are. Whether or not Terry Crews is a coon or uncle tom is up for debate, him not doing his research is not.

    What are you thought about Terry Crew’s #Blacklivesbetter twitter comments? Do you think he truly understands what the black lives matter movement is all about?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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