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    Top 5 Iconic Celebrity Sneaker Collabs

    Sneaker Brand x Celebrity Collab

    In order for brands to stay on top, they need to hire a bankable and familiar face to promote their products. This is especially true for popular sneaker brands. Numerous celebrities and fashion icons have collaborated with them in recent years.

    Aside from hiring celebrities to be in the center of their ad campaigns, big sneaker brands sought culture movers and shakers to be involved in the creative process and create a shoe (or even line) attached to their name. This is a huge commercial win-win for both brands and celebrities, as they get to take advantage of each other’s fanbase and create a lot of hype for their future projects.

    With that being said, we’ve put together a list of some of the most iconic and successful celebrity sneaker collabs.

    Vans x Led Zeppelin

    To commemorate 50 years since the release of their influential self-titled debut album, Led Zeppelin collaborated with Vans to release a special capsule collection of apparel and footwear. The specially designed sneakers included in the collection pay homage to the band. It uses various Led Zeppelin trademark prints and symbols. In addition, some design elements from the album’s classic cover, notably the placement of burning Hindenburg Airship, across the medial and lateral quarters of the shoe. This makes this collaborative collection a must-have for anyone deeply inspired by Led Zeppelin’s music.

    Adidas x Kanye West

    Anything that Kanye West touches turns to gold. This is why fashion giant Adidas wasted no time in helping Kanye build the Yeezy line following his fallout with Nike. The Yeezy Boost Sneakers line up has long dominated the sneaker market. Its dominance is a result of Kanye’s masterful vision in terms of sneaker aesthetics and design. Then fans benefit from the constant release of various high-end limited edition colorways. However, a Solesavy podcast noted that the newer Yeezy silhouettes have created less hype compared to the OG 350s that debuted back in 2015. Despite the aforementioned hiccup, Kanye and the brand show no signs of slowing down. With Adidas’ support, we’re sure that everyone will still anticipate the next Yeezy releases.

    Nike x G-DRAGON

    Many consider the Air Force 1 as a classic Nike pair that should be a staple of everyone’s wardrobe. This is why G-DRAGON, the “King of K-pop”, chose this silhouette for his much-awaited collaboration with Nike. G-DRAGON is obsessed with “self-actualization”, and a Teen Vogue article highlights how this is represented in his Nike collaboration, which is an Air Force 1 shoe that comes in a black, white, and red colorway. G-DRAGON’s distinct single daisy detail is present on the tongue. That feature serves as a nod to the K-pop idol’s 2016 clothing line.

    Reebok x Kendrick Lamar

    The Grammy-award-winning rapper has collaborated on a number of sneakers with popular sportswear brand Reebok since late 2014. In addition to being a trendy fashion statement for his fans, Kendrick highlights a powerful message with each release. His design choices strategically and visibly feature anti-gang violence themes. In fact, Kendrick has been quoted as saying that his recent Reebok Club C collaboration aims to represent a call for unity and equality while also urging people to look beneath the surface and expose hidden messages.

    Converse x Dr. Woo

    One of the most interesting and innovative sneaker collabs to come out in recent years, the Dr. Woo and Converse partnership featured a Converse Chuck 70 that changed its design over time through friction and abrasion. When the sneaker experiences wear and tear, the top canvas material will deteriorate to reveal an interesting underlying print. This brilliant idea is something that you should expect from one of the most in-demand tattoo artists in the world.

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