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    Tony Shhnow Gives Us Finesse On His “Reflexions” Mixtape

    When it comes to rising Atlanta artist Tony Shhnow, the rapper has become one of the most promising underground street-rappers today. Having started off throwing down bars at lunch time during his school days to releasing a total of 13 projects since 2020, Shhnow has risen in his stardom. Regarded by some as a poet, Shhnow’s quick-witted flows, 90s R&B vibe and interchangeable style make him one of the most diverse underground artists today.

    Not to mention, he’s changing the whole scope of rap music. Shhnow is one of the many rappers popularizing the “plugg” sound that’s dominating SoundCloud rap these days. All while becoming a trailblazing artist, the numbers in his fanbase are steadily rising. It’ll be a matter of time before everyone knows the independent artist’s name. They may even start calling him the next “Jay-Z of Atlanta,” as he likes to call himself.

    His latest mixtape Reflexions highlights all the rapper’s best qualities, including the fluid instrumental in every song and his wicked lyricism. Even better, the album drips with finesse .

    Reflexions Drips With Finesse

    Bruno Mars 2016 “Finesse” amassed millions of streams and took home a laundry-list of music awards. Additionally, the song went platinum several times. While Bruno Mars may have brought back the finesse, Atlanta artist Tony Shhnow has the finesse. Being one of the few rising rappers with the most impressive mixtapes around, Shhnow’s Reflexions breaths with an air of sleekness and polish that most new artists can’t achieve. Furthermore, the 18-track offers his soft-spoken harmonies, witty-wordplay and nod to 90s R&B music.

    Throughout much of the album, Tony Shhnow flexes his new lifestyle as a rising star in the rap scene. A few exceptions, such as the 4th track “Born” however, paint a different picture of the artist, where he talks about gang and gun violence. In some ways, the song and others, sound similar to a Jay-Z track from the 90s. Additionally, each song is laced with a glossy and glamorous appeal, especially Shhnow’s “Finessin.’” Clearly, the artist is a fan of old-school music and pure nostalgia.

    What’s Next For The Rapper



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    Atlanta artist Tony Shhnow knows how to make a good record. He certainly shows great potential and promise from his latest mixtape Reflexions . Not to mention, the evident finesse of the entire record helps to further reintroduce an era of music to a new generation of listeners. Furthermore, Shhnow’s plans to continue pushing the envelope and change the scope of SoundCloud rap music. He’s always looking for new and innovative ways to reinvent his music. Afterall, that’s what fans like most about Tony Shhnow. Be sure to check out more music from Atlanta’s best kept secret.






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