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    TIME Studios to Unveil Notorious B.I.G. Documentary: Understanding Christopher Wallace

    The Notorious B.I.G. Documentary: Understanding Christopher Wallace will premiere on April 16th. Taking an intimate look at the late rapper, the Benny Boom-directed film is a somber tribute that also offers insight into his legacy. Time Studios set to unveil Biggie Smalls documentary!

    TIME Studios to Unveil Notorious B.I.G. Documentary: Understanding Christopher Wallace

    The documentary combines the familiarity of old footage with interviews. They tell the story of how Biggie rose from the streets to become one of hip-hop’s most iconic artists. Early in the film, his loved ones offer insight into how he developed into such an influential artist.

    As the film progresses, it reveals how Biggie was always looking for ways to improve his life. He explains that while he was a shy kid when he got behind the microphone, it changed him into a different person. He talked about how he would watch movies like Boyz n the Hood and how it influenced him.

    The movie covers the rise of Bad Boy Records, as well as Pac’s burgeoning music career with Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, and Ice Cube, and the formation of the Outlawz group. It also addresses the infamous East Coast-West Coast beef and how it affected both rappers’ careers. At times, Understanding Christopher Wallace does fall into the territory of being a bit too focused on the feud between Pac and Biggie.

    However, the doc does a good job of showing how Biggie was more than just a street rapper and that he had a real talent for rapping.

    Another problem that the doc has is some of its actors. Although Demetrius Shipp Jr. does a decent job of portraying Shakur, Jamal Woolard isn’t the best Biggie. This is particularly evident when he tries to deliver some of Pac’s classic lines and comes across as a little silly.

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