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    The Zack Snyder Cut is here! Is it worth the Hype?

    The director’s (Zack Snyder) cut of Justice League is finally released in its four hour long glory. What’s the verdict? The #releasethesnyderverse movement seems to have gained support from both fans and critics.

    The Zack Snyder Cut is here! Is it worth the Hype?

    What to expect?

    Justice League begins the same. Fueled on guilt and grief, Batman brings together a group of superhero allies to save the day against the formidable threat, Darkseid.

    The Snyder Cut has a grittier, much darker, tone. And yes, that is the running joke of the DC Universe, (despite the critical success of its lighter family film, Shazam) darker and serious, but here it works well. It creates a somber feeling. These heroes, with the exception of Batman and Wonder Woman, haven’t worked together before. They are hesitant and reluctant to join forces, even more so after the death of Superman in Batman v. Superman.

    The theme of being alone or being a part of something, ie the Justice League, is carried out throughout the film until the very end. The film poses that question to all it’s heroes. The end gives hope to being a part of something bigger than just you as more valuable.

    The length is due to Zack Snyder taking a much slower pace than his replacement. Joss Wheadon was hired to lighten up and condense the film for a family friendly audience. Snyder creates mini biopic shorts to flush out each character and explore their humanity and their losses before throwing them together. This creates a more cohesive fundamentally grounded group of heroes that we actually want to root for.

    What is the Snyderverse?

    The Snyderverse is the two Justice League sequel movies that were to make up the Justice League trilogy that Snyder planned to release. Unfortunately, they won’t see the light of day as both Snyder and Warner Bros decided not pursue them. But of course, we never know. Since the success of #Releasethesnydercut, and growing popularity with the #Releasethesnyderverse, fans are hoping it could nudge the company and director to bring the total artistic creation to existence.

    Snyder’s Vision

    Two More Films were planned.

    Justice League is the middle of a story arc beginning with  “Man of Steel” and “Batman v Superman” and ending with the release of Justice League film. But his vision did not end there. There were supposed to be a trilogy of Justice League films resulting in a total of 5 movies. That’s a lot of story time and It’s interesting to see where Snyder may have taken the heroes.

    Second Justice League Film

    Superman visits Batman, urging him to secure and protect Lois. Thus, showing a dynamic shift in their relationship. Batman is distracted resulting in a failure to protect Lois. Lex Luther reveals to Darkseid that she is key to controlling Superman. This results in Darkseid post apocalyptical version of their world.

    What has him distracted? Apparently, a relationship he had with Lois while Superman was dead. The guilt and mixed feelings from bringing Superman back from the dead, and the knowledge that she still had feelings for Superman carries into this film. After news of Lois’ death reaches Superman, he seeks to avenge her death by seeking out Batman. Batman and the Justice League try to stay hidden from Superman. Another plot point, Deathstroke going after Bruce Wayne after discovering his identity through Lex Luther.

    The Third Justice League Film, Conclusion

    The do-over.  An idea sparked by a nudge from none only than The Joker. Batman realizes the solution is simple, he must die. Flash sets out to reverse time and this time, Batman sacrifices himself to save Lois. Batman corrects the reality, no longer leaving it the post apocalyptical wasteland ruled by Darkseid. Superman doesn’t become victim to theanti-life equation. Aquaman leads forces with Themyscira and Superman and the Flash take on Darkseid. The superheroes win and twenty years later, emerges a new Batman, Lois’ and Superman’s son, Bruce Kent.

    The Third Justice League Film, Conclusion
    Zack Snyder directing Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot in Justice League, HBO Max

    TL:DW Just Tell me what happens in the Snyder Cut.

    Spoilers below, if you haven’t seen either version, proceed with Caution.


    Flash offers his help to wake the Mother Box and to revive superman. We see a possible new reality. It is shown through Cyborg’s eyes, as is the “funny thing about speed of light and time,” flash remarks. In this new reality, Diana is dead in funeral pyre. Amazonians are enslaved. Atlanteans are slaughtered. Superman is vulnerable to the anti-life equation driven by a loss that we don’t see. This causes Cyborg to have some hesitation. Cyborg and Arthur urge Flash to not wake the Mother Box but Batman tells him to do it and he does.

    Cyborg gets an alert that a new reality is set. Superman awakens and attacks the rest of the Justice League. Diana uses the lasso of truth to try and give back his memories. Flash tries to help. Fans get to see Superman and Flash fight in Flash time. Superman is overmatched for the Justice League as he shoots heat vision rays out of his eyes. The only one able to get through to him is Lois Lane who calls out his name, “Clark!” and pleads with him to remember her and himself. This reunion is cut abruptly by a nearby attack and “He’s coming” from Cyborg.


    Silas Stone’s Redemption

    While protecting the Mother Box, Victor watches as his father, who was primarily absent through crucial moments in his life, make the ultimate sacrifice. Thus, marks the box thermally to help them track Steppenwolf.

    Cyborg is distracted fighting Steppenwolf while Flash prepared to give him a jolt of energy to separate the Mother Boxes. Batman steps in to fight Steppenwolf. Cyborg is ready and just as Flash is about to deliver the jolt, he is hit by a cannon blast by parademon. He is unable to heal fast enough and resets time to before the blast, which may or may not result in that future reality timeline that Cyborg witness before reviving Superman.

    Aquaman and the lasso

    There are no funny antics with Aquaman sitting on the lasso of truth revealing his feelings about the team. Instead, we get a touching moment between Aquaman and the Flash where Arthur reveals his concern for Victor after Victor watched his father die.

    It’s Gorier.

    The Justice League gears up to battle against Steppenwolf to stop the unity from synchronizing. The resulting battle is brutal and bloody. At one point a head is crushed in a close-up.

    The Ending is all about fathers.

    Victor listens to a second recording from Silas that states it is from his heart. Silas says he is proud of him. Arthur heads back for a reunion with his own father. Barry visits his imprisoned father with news that he got a job in a crime lab. Barry’s father beams with pride over his son getting his foot in the door.

    Bruce has a nightmare or was it a premonition? He sees the reality that Cyborg saw. Martian Manhunter is outside his door.

    The theme of alone vs together resurfaces suggesting that their team up was better than if they all remained alone. “The world is hurting but not fixed in the past.” Flash is happy to be a part of the solution, finds his worth. Cyborg realizes he is not broken. This gives us a sense of connection that hits differently post Covid watch.

    What’s in store for the future of the DC Universe? 

    Anne Sarnoff, CEO of Warner Bros. tells variety,”… the media is going to be more connected. Like opposite “The Suicide Squad” we’re spinning out “Peacemaker.” That film will be directed by James Gunn and stars Jon Cena. A new set of DC Movies will be released including The Flash, and  Aquaman 2. Sarnoff hopes that “[DC’s storytelling] will be richer and more multi-dimensional” with a broader spread of characters for viewers to enjoy.

    Sarnoff says they want fresh voices with compelling stories. They’ll listen to fans but stay true to their vision and mission for DC.

    Of course, this hasn’t stopped fans from rallying around the hashtag#RestoreTheSnyderVerse in hopes that their voices would be heard once again.


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