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    The Simpsons Are In Bad Bunny’s New Video ‘Te Deseo Lo Mejor’

    It’s only the start of the new year and, for Bad Bunny fans were hit with a whole whirlwind. In fact, Bad Bunny dropped a special edition of a vinyl set including his three studio albums called “Anniversary Trilogy Box Set”. Then, he deleted everything from Instagram and created an account on TikTok. But that is not all, in December 2021, he released his music video ‘Te Deseo Lo Mejor’ with a twist a major collaboration with The Simpsons.

    Moreover, knowing this was Bad Bunny’s most influential year. And besides being crowned Spotify’s most listened to artist of 2021 (two years in a row) standing with 9.1 billion streams. Even without releasing an album that year. But for Christmas Eve, the artist surprised fans all over with a special appearance on The Simpsons.

    “Te Deseo Lo Mejor” is part of Bad Bunny’s fifth studio album El Ultimo Tour del Mundo released in 2020. Fans were shocked to see the Latin artist coexisting with one of TV’s most popular families from the last 30 years.

    The difference between this music video and others is that “Te Deseo Lo Mejor” is a direct collaboration. And the only animation is in Simpsons’ style. On Twitter, The Simpsons official account tweeted, “Bad Bunny puts the Simpsons back together in this all-new video.”

    The “Booker T” artist only shared his song for this collab but that wasn’t enough. To this very moment, the music video holds 28.1 million views with 1.7 million likes, and is currently No. 4 for trending music on YouTube. And this is impressive as the song dropped 13 days ago.

    Original Cast

    Not only that but also a special collab was at hand. Bad Bunny’s video featured the original voices of Homer (Humberto Velez) and Marge (Claudia Motta) from the Spanish dubbed version. This was a surprise to many fans around Latin America.

    What Is ‘Te Deseo Lo Mejor’ Video About?

    In the music video, the whole family is featured with Homer appearing to be obsessed with his phone. Marge gives him an ultimatum, saying that one day the whole family would be gone if he kept staring at the screen. Soon after, they all disappeared but Bad Bunny comes to the rescue and reunites the family in the end.

    The video is also available to stream via Disney+. Let’s see what this new year brings Bad Bunny.


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