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    The Original UnBraider! A Revolutionary New Product Set For Black Owned Hair Bussiness

    Natasha Anderson and Khadija Imara co-founded The Original UnBraider, an innovative hair product designed for easy and efficient hair unbraidng. This comb allows you to undo multiple braids at once while combing the unbraided hair simultaneously, offering convenience and practicality.

    Their goal was to revolutionize the beauty industry by creating black-owned hair care products for black individuals. They aim to empower young women to become entrepreneurs.

    The Original UnBraider is an affordable option for teens and young adults starting their own hair take-down business. It provides curated products and services for protective styles that hydrate and strengthen hair.

    The concept for The Original UnBraider came about when Natasha Anderson and her daughters gathered around the table, sketching ideas for a unique comb.

    Initially, the family sold The UnBraiders at hair shows, beauty salons, and mall kiosks. Unfortunately, business slowed down when Anderson’s mother passed away after battling breast cancer. Khadija Imara stepped in as CEO, carrying on her grandmother’s legacy and focusing on black women entrepreneurship.

    Imara’s goal is to bring The Original UnBraider to black households and black-owned businesses worldwide, making it a staple alongside hot combs and bonnets.

    The brand has gained popularity through TikTok and Instagram reels, with endorsements from celebrities like Tamar Braxton. The product can be purchased on Amazon.

    Follow this black-owned business on Instagram to stay updated on their journey.

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