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    Fans Want An Ariana Grande And Jesy Nelson Collab

    Every artist out there wants to work with Ariana Grande. After all, the pop sensation never looses a beat with dropping hits. Plus, who else can carry a whistle note like Mariah Carey with little to no effort? The girl reeks of pure, natural talent.

    Not mention, she’s great at making friends just about everywhere she goes. The superstar has even became fast friends with former Little Mix singer Jesy Nelson. Furthermore, the two songstresses have remained best buds for years now. With so much history between Ariana Grande and Jesy Nelson, it makes sense that they would finally give fans the collab of a lifetime.

     The Fans Want A Ariana Grande And Jesy Nelson Collab

    Ariana Grande and Jesy Nelson
    via Capital FM

    It doesn’t make sense to stop a good thing from happening. Clearly, Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson and Ariana Grande have such a good friendship that at some point, they have to do a song collab. The opportunity seemingly presented itself after Jesy Nelson left Little Mix back in December to pursue her solo career. Then recently, the former bandmate slid responded to Ariana Grande’s Instagram video of her shooting looks at the camera. Furthermore, Nelson complimented the Italian beauty with, “Pretty girl.”

    Nelson’s comment made fans everywhere go wild over social media. Now everyone wants an Ariana Grande and Jesy Nelson collaboration. The fans have spoken, they want the two to make music magic. Now the question remains will the two actually do a song collab. While neither Jesy or Ariana responded to fan’s requests, that doesn’t mean these two aren’t cooking up a song together.

                                    Their Friendship

    Ariana Grande and Jesy Nelson
    via Capital FM

    Making friends in the industry can be downright hard for celebrities. Though, Ariana Grande seems to make friends everywhere she goes. The “34 + 35” songstress and Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson have remained friends since first touring together back in 2017 for the “Dangerous Woman” tour. At the time, Little Mix had been the opening act for the mega pop star. Over the years, Ariana Grande and Jesy Nelson have had a budding friendship. By them being such good friends, it makes sense for them to collab over a song.

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