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    The Fall From Grace for Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos

    The Denver Broncos are officially out of the playoffs now. This makes seven years in a row that the Broncos can’t find the formula to get into the postseason. This offseason, the Denver Broncos appeared to mortgage their future to assure playoff contention by signing future hall-of-fame QB Russell Wilson

    Yet, this experiment failed within the first year of the inquiry. Many believe the system and the coaching are the real issues, however, there are many who believe the Broncos overpaid for Wilson. 

    Many don’t understand this is the Broncos’ worst rut in franchise history. There were four scenarios that the door would close entirely for the Broncos. Yet, three out of the four of them occurred. The first is the simplest and arguably most obvious if they lost to the Kansas City Chiefs they’d be out. Taking into consideration, the Broncos have lost 14 out of the last 15 matchups against the Chiefs. Therefore, this wasn’t looking likely for the Broncos.

    The second scenario was somehow if the Broncos tied with the Chiefs but also the New York Jets. If the Jets won and the Baltimore Ravens won or tied with the Steelers the Broncos would be eliminated. Also, if the Cincinnati Bengals won or tied with the Cleveland Browns the Broncos would be eliminated.

    All in all, the Broncos have five more games remaining and then every Bronco fan can move on from the disaster of a year this has been for Wilson.  However, the most optimistic stance from this side of the fence is that the Broncos will receive a great drafting spot which will ultimately help them going forward. 

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