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    Star QB Lamar Jackson Uncertain About his Future with the Ravens

    Baltimore Ravens star QB Lamar Jackson appears to be frustrated with the organization, reported Jamison Hensley for ESPN . During his first encounter with the media in five months, he spoke about his contract situation briefly but still clarified some things that were not known prior. He spoke about how he would handle not being offered a new contract before the season kicks off. While this may be discouraging for Ravens fans; Jackson still emphasizes he wishes to be a Raven for the rest of his career.

    Many began to worry because for the first time in his five-year career he missed voluntarily organized team workouts. This started the rumors of his anger beginning to build within the organization.

    Based on Lamar Jackson’s current contract, he’s set to make $23 million on his fifth-year option in 2022. Oddly, if the Ravens cannot extend Jackson by the next offseason, they will have to either franchise tag him or let him test free agency. This may not be wise for the Ravens going forward, however, many insiders believe they will reach an agreement sooner or later. It’s troublesome as to why this deal ahs taking this long for a former MVP of the NFL.

    The good news here is Jackson seems to not be holding out. He openly spoke about meeting with his WRs and TEs going forward to prepare for this upcoming season. Therefore, at the very least, if it’s not an immediate issue the Ravens can kick the can down the road for a bit. However, it will become a glaring issue if not addressed accordingly.

    “We’re going to work, watch some film and just build our chemistry some more,” Jackson said. “Football season is here, really. So we’re going to grind right now.”

    Lamar Jackson Refuses to buy Into Narratives

    Jackson has been passionate about not buying into any narratives throughout his career. Many believe Jackson should stay away from the field and not risk injury until he receives a new deal. However, he responds back with him being a football player and continuing to want to do his job.

    “I play football,” Jackson said. “That’s what I’m here for.”

    “… I’m a man of my own. I don’t worry about what those guys get,” Jackson continued.

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