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    The BTS Army Goes Into Overdrive After Jimin’s Solo Album ‘Face’

    Jimin is the youngest member of K-pop sensation BTS. He’s a singer and dancer who has received international recognition for his work.

    Recently, Jimin announced he is working on his debut solo album. He also shared his first self-composed single, ‘Promise’.

    1. ‘Face’ – The Album

    The BTS Army has gone into overdrive after Park Jimin’s latest release, ‘Face.’ The Filter singer has wowed fans with his smoldering hot visuals in a series of black and white outfits. He delivers a sinister vibe and angelic allure, perfectly showcasing his duality.

    He’s been a renowned figure on social media for his enchanting visuals and charming mannerisms, but he also has an extremely kind personality. He doesn’t hesitate to make donations to charity organizations, especially those that focus on education development.

    He also donated to the Gosung Rotary Club to help improve polio vaccination rates in South Korea. As a result, more children will be able to receive the vaccines they need to prevent the disease.

    2. ‘Face’ – The Video

    Jimin is one of BTS’ most lovable members who has been with the group for nine years. He has a unique charm that keeps his fans glued to him even when he’s not performing with the rest of the boys.

    As a member, Jimin is a strong leader who always stands up for the team. He’s also very sweet and caring by nature, which makes him a great supporter to the other members.

    This love is not only visible through his actions but also in his messages to ARMY whenever they’re feeling down or think they are not doing well in their performances. He’s very active in Weverse and Twitter, where he often interacts with BTS’ fans.

    3. ‘Face’ – The Tour

    It’s been a while since BTS last released a solo single, and the Army couldn’t wait for Jimin to show them what he had up his sleeve. So, when he dropped his first-ever solo track, “Promise,” fans instantly fell in love with his sentimental lyrics.

    But the sweet and adorable singer didn’t stop there. He made sure he took time to share a message of hope, comfort and love with his fandom through Weverse and other social media platforms.

    And now, he’s back with another banger that’s causing all the chaos on the Internet. He’s dished out photos of himself in what appears to be a photo booth and the reactions are nothing short of jaw-dropping!

    4. ‘Face’ – The MV

    ARMYs have been in a frenzy over Jimin’s new music video for ‘Face.’ In it, the singer reveals his sexy side and makes a stunning comeback after being kicked out of BTS 8 times!

    The MV is full of expressions that range from adorable and charming to alluring and seductive. Every ARMY is guaranteed to blush!

    This song also features Jimin’s brother, Park Ji-Hyun. He is a talented and hardworking young man who has a very unique voice that he uses to transmit feelings through his voice.

    Before joining the group, he studied contemporary dance and ‘popping’. He was a top student in the modern dance department of his school. He also had the honor of being in the top student council during his school time.

    5. ‘Face’ – The Album’s Finale

    The album’s finale is nothing short of a spectacular show of Jimin’s talent. Having mastered the art of concept photography, he was able to make the entire photo-folio come alive with stunning visuals.

    In this pictorial, Jimin exhibited his strong charisma in various scenes that depicted his complex and delicate appearance, freedom from the frame, and immaturity that wanders. It also displayed his diverse personalities in a wide range of colors that crossed over black and white. Moreover, he is seen wearing a hat that reflects his dual personality and shows off his free spirit that oozes charisma.


    1. Jimin is not the youngest BTS member! No point in reading this story (found via AppleNews) when the first sentence is incorrect.

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