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    Tam’s Burgers Sees 40% Sales Surge Thanks to Kendrick Lamar’s Latest Video

    Thieves are descending on Tam’s Burgers of Compton like a pack of wild animals. Kendrick Lamar, Not Like Us has sprung out of the gate since his “Not like us” music video dropped on July 4th. Sales for this local favorite have increased by a whopping 40%. Here, it seems fans are craving more than Lamar’s bars they’re hungry for his favorite meal: the bacon cheeseburger.

    The manager of a Tam’s Burgers in Compton says, “We been crazy busy ever since the video dropped.” Kendrick’s bacon cheeseburger now has an unadvertised cult following: “People are waiting in line out the door-they’re specifically asking for Kendrick’s bacon cheeseburger. That’s like a fresh new batch of customers!

    It’s not just yet ANOTHER catchy single, but a love letter to Compton. (Many of the shots were filmed outside Tam’s Burgers, where Lamar worked and rapped about in his first album.) The move was a strong show of support for Lamar’s stomping grounds, allowing fans to see where it all began and how important these local fixtures are in his narrative.

    Although, Kendrick has no reason to be a sore loser. In the video is an overt reference to his on-going struggle with Drake. In a symbolic moment, Lamar swings at an owl-shaped piñata (hint: Drake’s OVO owl logo), striking the bird. The sequence concludes with a caged owl one of the year’s best visual metaphor’s is warning us that Kendrick feels like he has Ab-Soul locked in bars.

    That’s not all. Arguably establishing Lamar as kingpin of the coast, stars from West Coast hip-hop drop through in Kendrick’s latest set of visuals. The business is not so much to show his power, as it shows how big of a figure he plays in the town.

    Lamar is bigger than the music. He is a powerful voice within and outside his own family. At Tam’s Burgers, fans and locals are showing up not just to try Kendrick Lamar’s favorite burger but also for the experience of stepping into K-Dot world as well as supporting an establishment familiar now even beyond these city limits.

    The Tam’s Burgers location made famous in the “Not Like Us” video is already a part of their community and so much more. If you want to immerse yourself in Kendrick’s world, along with a complimentary bacon cheeseburger on the side, make sure Tam’s Burgers Compton is one of your stops. So don your appetite along with some headphones because Kendrick Lamar just might be dishing up inspiration alongside his signature burger.

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