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    Lil Durk’s 10-Year-Old Son Allegedly Shoots Stepfather in Domestic Dispute

    The 10-year-old son of famed rapper Lil Durk is accused of shooting his stepfather, Joshua Pippens, in an argument that went sour. This incident took place on July 1 and was all captured by cameras, showing a moment when the child reportedly took a weapon from Pippins and fired it.

    Surveillance footage caught the dramatic scene of Pippens and the mother of the child having a pretty heated argument. According to authorities, amid all that action, the boy took a gun from Pippens and shot him. It ended with a shot to the stomach. Despite how bad it seemed at times, Pippens has not pressed charges against the child. He said that he understood the boy was acting according to his mother’s lead and the messy environment.

    Lil Durk son involved in shooting

    Pippens took the time to Instagram to share his account of events. He shared a video explanation in which he expressed the fact that he was not an aggressor and claimed that he cared for the child who shot him. The man wants everybody to know that he is interested in the well-being of this child and in the rights of his children.

    “As y’all can see, I was not the aggressor,” Pippens wrote. “Y’all also can see how I still had my gun on my hip. He grabbed my gun off my hip following his mom’s lead and then tried to shoot me, and then actually shot me.”

    He explained his disbelief and heartache:

    “I never in a million years thought that a kid that I bought four-wheelers and paid for football leagues and everything would do this. But he only knows what his mom shows him. I still love him like he’s mine.”

    He claims he did not press any charges on the boy despite how bad the situation was.

    “Listen, nobody is going to jail, or they would already be there,” Pippens wrote. “I’m doing this for rights over my kids. Call me what y’all want. And on top of that, this was at my momma’s, in front of my momma, granny, and more kids.”. “I pray y’all make it through y’all situation that God gon’ put y’all through for playing with me.”

    The incident provoked a lot of reactions on social media, with many expressing their shock and disbelief at the violent confrontation. It jerked open the ever-controversial debates around parental responsibility, gun safety, and what adults could have done to ensure a safe environment for their children. Amidst these debates, there is a unanimous show of concern for the traumatized child at the center of this incident.

    Lil Durk, whose real name is Durk Derrick Banks, has not publicly discussed what has happened. A rapper known for his deep lyrics and creative writing process, he is followed by millions of fans who await his response.

    Born and raised in Englewood, a harrowing area of Chicago, Lil Durk’s had to scrap for everything he’s gotten—the father taken away by life imprisonment for drug charges when Durk was barely about two years old; his brother, a hometown rapper turned social media star with millions of Instagram followers—has been shot down and killed this past June.

    With all this negativity hillside, Lil Durk had it in him to bring clicks back with a credible musical career. The self-indie Mixtape Series “Signed to the Streets” built him regional attention, after which he was signed by Def Jam Recordings. Leaving Def Jam meant he remained an independent chaser who secured a deal with Alamo Records in 2018.

    Another part of his life that has attracted much publicity is his personal life. Lil Durk had his first baby at 19. This experience, he said, turned his life around to taking music seriously. He has six children, one of whom is ten years old, just caught amid this recent drama.

    While things are still unfolding, what remains in people’s minds is the child’s welfare. At this time, as people are expressing shock and numerous arguments ensue, let us not forget the traumatized 10-year-old child at the center of it all. Compassion and sensitivity are very important to this family at this most trying period.

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