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    Surviving the Jaws of Death: What If You Were Swallowed by a Crocodile?

    In the hot sun of afternoon, you stroll against the slow heartbeat current of a gentle-tempered Nile as it shines blue under this air. But the calm waters harbor an unseen threat; Africa’s apex predator, the Nile crocodile. Taking the title for world’s most dangerous crocodile is this huge reptile of Jaho Marsh, pictured here along with Hofer and other members of her team. How does one leisurely walk to needing a battle for dear life simply put.

    Then, a shadowy blur of activity breaks the calm. A Nile crocodile, hidden in the reeds and then propelled from under water. Before you know it, this monstrous has its reptilian jaws wide open – showcasing rows of sharp teeth. The stillness itself is a subtle threat in the air. Crocodiles are not the ideal prey of humans, but do provide a person with an opportunity to be eaten.

    A large, full-grown Nile crocodile is capable of out-running (though not as good in running) most humans on land given at top speed they can run up to 18 km/h. And then it hits you faster than a bolt of lighting. Its mighty jaws with a bite force of 3,500 kg clamped down on your leg breaking the bone. In that near instant, you feel white hot pain, combined with the horrific reality -escape is not an option.

    The croc senses weakness and pulls you towards the water, a killing ground it excels in. In this area nothing can beat its power. When this animal takes a strong twist of its body, it throws you from one side to another like the doll that is being manipulated with no regard for your well-being used as searching bait by disorienting and drowning. The swirling waters thrash around with a chaos that fills your lungs with panic. With the absence of oxygen, and all that spinning so rapidly ensnares your awareness. In that shadowy night, hope fades.

    However, what if the unimaginable happens? What happens after, crocodile rips you underwater? With a special shoutout to the Nile crocodile and its investing digestive tract. Consumed whole, you slide into a black fiery world. Nonetheless, even in the heart of this oppressive womb, there is a flicker. The stomach of the crocodile is full of round stones that were swallowed. They are effectively used as a big mortar and pestle, literally pounding their prey into easy-to-digest morsels. The crocodile heart has also a distinctive valve which is controlled by nerves. It can use this to control the blood flow to its stomach muscles, therefore aiding in efficient digestion while submerged!

    Unfortunately, crocodile attacks by Nile river are a harsh reality of growing up in Africa. According to data, what is scarier about crocodiles than people even realize – more deaths are caused annually from crocodile attacks (almost 1,000) as compared with shark attacks. This in turn highlights the importance of understanding and respecting these magnificent yet perilous animals.

    However, knowledge is power. If you are ever faced off against with a Nile crocodile these 8 steps can help improve your chances of survival. Remaining calm is paramount. Stay calm and move slowly – deliberately so. Staring directly into a dog’s eyes can come off as aggressive, so it is always better to look at its body instead. Keep in mind, crocodiles have become quicker directly lines so using a alternate might help prevent his very first dash. Find a cut out and attack, use trees or rocks for cover. If nothing else, put up a really good fight. Aim for the Eyes, Snout or Throat In this fight for survival however, any object you may possess can readily become a weapon to feed the bloodlust of your server.

    The schools of hard knocks are all the defense any one can have, but what best prevents. The best way to minimize risk is by avoiding croc habitats, especially during the breeding season (December-May). Through knowledge of their needs, and observing the cobra boundary lines; your voyage down this ancient water is safe without tipping you boat into chaos. Be cautious and stay away to save yourself from the jaws of death.

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