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    Stephen Curry Shooting From Deep On And Off The Court

    There are many accolades to point out when speaking about Stephen Curry’s legacy; however, many don’t think to point at him graduating college. Graduating from college is a mountain to climb within itself but playing in the NBA and competing for an NBA Championship is unprecedented. He became the NBA’s greatest three-point shooter of all time statistically this year. Many thought of him as that years prior, however, now nobody can argue or deny his greatness. The two-time MVP and eight-time All-Star graduated from Davidson College on May 15, according to NBC Sports.

    While he wasn’t in attendance for his commencement ceremony, Steph Curry’s mom, Sonya, was there to capture that moment in his honor as he was called upon. One would assume that he was preparing for the playoff series against the Dallas Mavericks. Curry’s legacy he left at Davidson isn’t much different from the NBA. At Davidson, he’s revered as one of their best players to ever set foot on the court. He played for the Wildcats from 2006 to 2009, he led them to the Elite Eight in 2008’s March Madness.

    Many NCAA athletes when they declare for the draft often don’t complete their four years and leave school early. Curry mocked the same sentiment, leaving in 2009 as a junior. He halted his college career to prepare for the NBA. He later re-enrolled and completed the final two semesters of his senior year. Ultimately, receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. Clearly, Steph Curry’s age didn’t stop him from achieving his dreams.

    Oddly, Davidson has stated they will not be retiring Curry’s No. 30 jersey until he officially graduates from the school. As of now, that box is totally checked off and many Curry supporters can expect the raising of his jersey soon to come.

    Curry’s eyes are on the Bigger Prize

    Steph Curry is on a trajectory to possibly finish the second greatest PG of all time behind Los Angeles Lakers Magic Johnson. Thus far, during his career, he amassed 24.3 points on 47.3% shooting, 6.7 assists, and 4.6 rebounds. He’s on a path to securing his 4th Championship as the Warriors are winning the series 3-0, at the moment.

    “Nobody is picking us to come out of the west,” Curry said. “At least I don’t think, except our families.”

    All in all, the world can continue to watch Stephen Curry shooting on and off the court, making an impact on the game and the community.

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