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    Snoop Dogg Snippet Fuels Rumors of Kendrick Lamar Collab with DJ Premier

    The hottest thing on the web right now is that The Doggfather himself has just revealed one big secret, or so we think. In a new leaked video over at X (the new name for Twitter), Snoop Dogg was being filmed shooting a music video where he spits this line:

    "cold cockin, K Dot-ing cause I'm humbling n*ggas."

    From what the snippet suggests, it’s quite definitely got the whole of hip-hop world in pandemonium. None other than Snoop Dogg himself is a fan of K Dot, so the thought of these two West Coast legends getting down on a track is enough to send shivers down any rap fan’s spine.

    The overall vibe of the snippet is pure Snoop: laid-back, smoky, and undoubtedly cool. But it gets even more exciting. While we can’t quite confirm if DJ Premier is involved with this project, but there’s no denying their recent team-up on the single “Can U Dig That?

    Snoop Dogg mentions Kendrick Lamar in a new snippet, with possible DJ Premier production

    “cold cockin, K Dot-ing cause I’m humbling n*ggas”


    — SOUND (@itsavibe) MAY 22, 2024

    This collaboration also marked a historic comeback to the studio, featuring two hip-hop giants. The partnership goes back to the early years of 2000, and, trust me, when these two team up, magic is in store. 

    So, will there be a triple threat of Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, and DJ Premier? Well, the snippet doesn’t confirm as much, but it does plant in us, like everybody else, a seed: a tantalizing possibility that has us itching for rumors to be confirmed.

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