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    Slim & 112 Members Spark Bad Blood With Lawsuit

    Back in the 90’s Bad Boy Entertainment was running the ship in the world of music. In particular, an all-male group by the name of 112 was apart of the record label. Now it seems like the group is falling out.

    The group once dominated the market with seemingly hit after hit. 112 as at the heights of their career while alongside record label mate Biggie. The group made a name for themselves through the Atlanta club scene. Now it seems as though the group has bad blood amongst themselves.

    Apparently back in 2017 the group broke up and went their separate ways. Now allegedly it’s being reported that lead singer Slim is suing members of the group. The dysfunction comes with the belief that certain members are making money off the name of the group. Ultimately Slim’s company M3 Productionc Inc,  suing Daron and Q for trademark infringement, false advertisement, deceptive trade practices, an more. In addition, Slim claims that the men are using the 112’s brand to make music, booking appearances, and perform. More complication comes into play where Slim owns the rights through the Federal Trademark Office.

    “It breaks my heart to have to engage in a lengthy, costly legal battle against the former members of the group,” Slim told BOSSIP exclusively. “However, countless promoters and agencies have notified us that Q and Daron, and their handlers, keep advertising the ‘112’ Name, despite knowing we own the mark and have humbly asked them to stop using it.”

    The lead singer’s lawyer James Walker, had this to say regarding the legal issue.

    “Q doesn’t seem to understand that he was the Tito of the group and Slim is the lead singer and owner of the mark – so move on with your career and respect the law and respect (Slim) as the owner,” Walker told BOSSIP. “We should not be in court, but for the continued false advertising, breach, infringement and bad faith of the defendants in using this mark on their advertisements.”

    Slim is looking to have the judge force Q and Daron to discontinue using the “112” name while performing during the show, and making paid appearances. In addition, it is requested for a full account for the revenue Q and Daron made under the “112” name. Overall, Q just filed for bankruptcy making things worst.

    Do you think Slim should drop the lawsuit? Should Q and Daron cut Slim in on the money? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to more gossip at

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