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    Skip Bayless Gets Canceled For Tweet About Injured Damar Hamlin

    Skip Bayless has been putting overtime in his electoral run to be voted the worst human on earth for 2023. It’s no one in sports media who spreads negativity like Skip. Even when it comes to real-life issues, he’s inconsiderate. But he stooped to another level of blatant disrespect with his tweet about injured Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin.

    Not A Care In The World

    It’s like you have to prepare for the worst anytime Skip gives his opinion on controversial topics. For that reason, I partially blame myself for expecting him to say something respectfully about what happened on Monday Night Football. While everyone was worried about Damar Hamlin’s immediate health, Skip was more worried about the implications of the game being canceled.

    The worst decision he could’ve possibly made was tweeting about it for the world to see. They might’ve as well came to his house with pitchforks and torches for how hard they were coming for his head. People were putting their differences aside in hopes of Skip Bayless leaving his job. But the person that truly didn’t hold back any punches was his co-host, Shannon Sharpe.

    The following day, Shannon immediately addressed Skip for being out of pocket. It’s so obvious that Shannon Sharpe is fed up with Skip’s shenanigans. The tension between Shannon and Skip is strong. It’s so thick you can cut it with a knife. Shannon Sharpe should ditch Skip Bayless and Undisputed to host his own show. He truly shouldn’t have to deal with Skip anymore.

    Never Let Him Live This Down

    No matter how much time passes, we should never let Skip Bayless live down this moment. He got canceled so badly; he tried to distract us by praising LeBron, someone he’s slandered for years. Hopefully, after this, we don’t have to watch this garbage human being have a major platform anymore.


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