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    Sidney Poitier: 5 Ways He Paved The Way For Blacks In Film

    Sidney PoitierWe are at the top of 2022 and we are already experiencing some of the pitfalls of another year. After living a fulfilling life in film and television, Sidney Poitier has transitioned on January 6, 2022. According to Style Caster, Mr. Poitier suffered ailing health conditions before his transition. Sadly, he died of natural causes last Thursday.

    Sidney Poitier is a sheer example of how virtuous being steadfast can be. The star entered showbiz at the height of the Jim Crow era, breaking barriers and astonishing critics and audiences. He leaves behind a resume overflowing with a plethora of notable achievements.

    Sidney Poitier’s Influence In Film And Television

    Poitier’s film career is a tough act to follow as his accolades are consistent with breaking barriers for Black people in entertainment. Fans remember him as a civil rights activist, known for proudly standing up for what he believed in.

    Here are 5 ways Mr. Poitier broke barriers for the Black community in film:

    1. “No Way Out(1950)”: Poitier’s first film credit, No Way Out, is groundbreaking because he refused to accept roles that were racially stereotyped. Like Poitier, many Black actors followed suit, according to Brittanica.

    2. Directing Pictures: In 1972, Poitier made his debut as a director in the film, Buck and the Preacher. The movie is a western where he co-starred with Harry Bellafonte and Ruby Dee.

    3. The Academy Awards: Sidney is the first African American man to win an Oscar from the film, Lilies of the Field in 1963. In addition to being the first Black Oscar winner, he took the award the same year at the Million Man March in Washington D. C.

    4. Philanthropy: Despite doing it all, Sidney managed to do more. He is known for using his wealth to reach out and help others in need.

    5. Broadway: Indeed, the star went on to win big on Broadway, starring in Lorraine Hansberry’s play, Raisin in the Sun in 1959.


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