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    Shake It Like Snoop: Exploring the Snoop Dogg Dance

    Born on October 20, 1971, Snoop Dogg (Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.) is a versatile artist who has made a profound impact on music as a rapper, songwriter, and actor. While his dancing career may not share the same prominence as his music, Snoop Dogg showcases his exceptional dance skills through captivating live performances and music videos. Complementing his signature West Coast rap style, Snoop dog dance is characterized by smooth, laid-back movements.

    The Origins of Snoop Dogg’s Dance Style:

    Courtesy: Michele Rocca

    Snoop Dogg’s unique dance techniques can mainly be credited to the dynamic genre of hip-hop and street dancing that flourished during the 1990s era.

    Given Snoop Dogg’s prominence during this period of burgeoning outgrowths in gangster rap, it follows that his dance moves would have been influenced by the cultural and musical currents at play.

    Building on the dynamic mantra of hip-hop dance, particularly emphasizing rhythm, grooves, and individual style, Snoop Dogg fashioned his evocative technique, which remains iconized to date.

    Additionally, the West Coast hip-hop scene, particularly the G-Funk sound pioneered by Dr. Dre and other artists, significantly shaped Snoop Dogg’s musical and dance style. The laid-back, funk-infused beats and melodies of G-Funk likely influenced the smoothness and fluidity of his dance movements.

    Signature Dance Moves of Snoop Dogg:

    Snoop Dogg has incorporated several iconic dance moves into his performances, becoming synonymous with his stage presence. Some of his signature dance moves include:

    The Snoop Walk: This dance move involves a smooth, relaxed walk with a slight sway in the hips and shoulders. It showcases Snoop Dogg’s effortless style and embodies the laid-back West Coast vibe.

    Courtesy- easybanger

    The Drop It Likes It’s Hot Lean: In the music video for “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” Snoop Dogg popularized a distinctive lean, leaning back while keeping his body aligned. This move became synonymous with the song and is often imitated in dance circles.

    Courtesy- NowIsUs Studio

    The Two-Step: Snoop Dogg often incorporates a two-step movement, moving side to side with a relaxed bounce, showcasing his rhythm and groove.

    Snoop Dogg’s unique sense of rhythm and flow shines through in his dance moves, defined by their effortless execution, striking accuracy, and seamless fluidity.

    Courtesy- REAL G”s

    Snoop Dogg’s Dance Performances:

    Snoop Dogg has consistently displayed his remarkable dancing skills throughout his lengthy profession in countless music videos, concerts, and live shows. Notable dance performances include:

    “Gin and Juice” Music Video: 

    Observe Snoop Dogg’s remarkable talent in the “Gin and Juice” music video as he and his crew dazzle viewers with their lively dance moves highlighting each individual’s singular style and energetic vibe.

    Live Concerts: Snoop Dogg’s live performances often incorporate choreographed routines and freestyle dance breaks. These performances energize the audience and create an immersive experience, complementing his music.

    The impact of Snoop Dogg’s dance performances on his overall image and career lies in their ability to enhance his stage presence and create a captivating visual element during his shows. In addition, his dance performances contribute to his charismatic persona and further engage his audience.

    Influence of Snoop Dogg’s Style:

    Snoop Dogg’s distinct rhythmic movements have exerted a significant sway on popular culture, instilling a fervent zeal in fellow artists and dancers to emulate his innovative approach. His smooth, laid-back movements and confident stage presence have become iconic and recognizable.

    Snoop Dogg has had a significant influence on the dance style of various artists, extending beyond the realms of hip-hop music.

    Many dancers and choreographers incorporate elements of his moves into their routines, paying homage to his distinctive style. Furthermore, his dance style has contributed to hip-hop dance’s broader recognition and acceptance in mainstream culture.

    Memorable Moments in Dogg’s Dance Career:

    While specific instances or performances solely dedicated to Snoop Dogg’s dance career are not extensively highlighted, there have been notable moments where his dance moves made a significant impact.

    These moments include his dance routines in music videos, live performances, and collaborations with other artists. 

    Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot” music video perfectly illustrates how his dance moves have become linked to the song’s essence, firmly establishing his unique dance style in the public consciousness.

    Snoop Dogg’s Contribution to Dance Culture:

    Undoubtedly, Snoop Dogg has significantly contributed to the growth and recognition of dance culture. He achieved this through his musical creations as well as his stage presentations.

    These contributions are indisputable and deserve acknowledging. By incorporating dance elements into his shows, he has inspired fans and aspiring dancers to embrace their style and express themselves through movement.

    Snoop Dogg’s dance involvement has further contributed to the visibility and recognition of hip-hop dance as an art form.

    While specific dance-related projects or initiatives led by Snoop Dogg are not extensively documented, his overall contributions to the dance culture remain significant through his performances and influence.

    Legacy and Future of Snoop Dogg’s Crip Walk:

    The style of snoop dogg’s dance has undoubtedly left a profound mark on the entertainment industry. His smooth and laid-back movements inspire dancers and artists, and his dance style is often imitated and celebrated. 

    As the influence of snoop dog dance techniques persists, his steps may continuously impact the landscape of dance culture, specifically within hip-hop and street dancing.

    Whether through future collaborations, performances, or artistic endeavors, Snoop Dogg’s dance style will likely maintain its influence and recognition.


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