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    Sawyerjeorge Is Full of School Spirit In “Big Red University”

    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in the ATL music scene. You can bet your top dollar, for every great artist you find, he has at least 2-3 homies that are as musically inclined as him, if not better.  Rapper Sawyerjeorge and his group of friends are a perfect example of this instance.

    Even though he is not from Atlanta, the city has adopted him as one of their own. He embraces all the qualities usually found in an Atlanta native. This is one of the few cities that fully embrace creatives that push boundaries with their artistic expression. With the help of his comrades, who go by “UGLYNATLANTA” (aka UNA), Sawyer has really made a name for himself.

    Mutual Grind

    Like a group project, each one of them brings something different to the table. Many artists don’t realize the importance of working with other creatives. They think it will slow them down or hinder their growth, but in actuality, the result is the complete opposite. It’s an “iron sharpens iron” situation, where y’all are both pushing each other to be the best version of themselves. UNA does this best, showing there is no such thing as too many chefs in the kitchen.

    Even when they are apart from each other, they are continuously working on new content. After months of teasing, Sawyer has recently cooked up a new song called “Big Red University”.

    Sawyerjeorge has a knack for selecting unorthodox beats that most artists would be afraid to rap on. This is one of those times. His “funkadelic” rap style is the real deal. He kicks a lot of flavor in his flow, letting his bars be the vehicle to display his imaginative creativity.

    Such a Scholar

    With a song title like “Big Red University”, it’s only right they shot the visuals on an actual college campus. He’s accompanied by some more fellow students as they explore his namesake’s college. Such a dope visual to complement the unique song. Unlike those old I.C.D.C. commercials, this motivational mantra will make you want to enroll.

    Do yourself a favor and check out Sawyerjeorge’s new song and whatever he has down the pipeline.





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