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    Saweetie And Issa Rae Will Debut Their New Cooking Show

    These last few years have produced some interesting content for fans. The 2020 pandemic certainly showed a different side of celebrities with the rise of Instagram shows and TikTok videos. Though, perhaps one of the most underestimated trends came with the introduction of virtual cooking shows. Everyone from Jennifer Gardner to Selena Gomez aired their first ever cooking shows back in 2020. Now in the new year, the trend continues. Rapper Saweetie and actress Issa Rae teased the possibility of producing their own cooking show. They could honestly be the next Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg.

                              Saweetie’s Love For Food

    cooking show
    via IG Lives TV

    Saweetie’s fans know that she has a penchant for food. In fact, the “Bestfriend” rapper loves posting videos of her newest food creations. Looks like she already has a successful cooking show. While the rapper has demonstrated her love of cooking, some of her food combinations have confused fans.

    The “Bestfriend” star has prepared unusual dishes that has confused fans. The 27-year-old has created food combos such as oysters topped with hot sauce and barbecue sauce. Additionally, she’s stirred ramen noodles into a bag of Hot Cheetos. That’s unheard of. Her most viral dish came when the star put ranch dressing on her spaghetti. Arguably, it’s not uncommon to put salad dressing on pasta.

    Yet it didn’t stop fans from joking about Saweetie’s “Prison Diet.” Others, luckily, praised and envied the star for having an “iron stomach.” If we Saweetie’s dishes, our stomachs would be crying out for help.

       Saweetie Wants To Do A Cooking Show With Issa Rae

    cooking show
    via Twitter

    Given the fact that Saweetie’s cooking videos have gone viral, it seems like she already has a cooking show in progress. However, the “Back To The Streets” rapper wants to make her cooking show debut official. The already has one person in mind to produce the show, Insecure’s Issa Rae.

    During an Apple Music interview with the Saweetie, Rae made a joke about the rapper becoming a chef. Saweetie, however, didn’t crack a smile when she asked, “Honestly, when’s the show coming out? Can we produce it?” The rapper further revealed that she has something in the works for a cooking show with Issa Rae. “I mean, we’ve talked about it but if you’re producing it, then hey.” Fans can look forward to Saweetie’s new cooking show with Issa Rae soon.

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