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    Roller Derby Presents Dramatic New Single “Always on My Mind”

    The trio Roller Derby from Germany and, more precisely, Hamburg, has recently released the single “Always on My Mind,” which is a song that takes our hearts and feelings first. That’s what we have with the beautiful “Always on My Mind” from Roller Derby.

    “Always on My Mind” is a dramatic pop song whose soft guitars and airy shoegaze production create pop magic with well-constructed instrumentals and incredible nuances involving us, from the excellent and cohesive guitar lines, bass, and drums to the beautiful and enchanting theme from a post-punk line.

    In addition, “Always on My Mind” has a music video produced with significantly well-developed images and created to fit perfectly with a striking theme.

    Stream “Always on My Mind” on Spotify 

    Connect with Roller Derby: Facebook | Spotify | Instagram

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