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    Role Of Hip-Hop Culture In American Students’ Lives

    The hip-hop lifestyle is thriving in most higher learning institutions across the world today. The area of post-high school learning has misinterpreted student life without accrediting the role that scholars and campus officials have played. Hip-hop culture is present in the majority of students’ lives based on extensive interviews, personal reflections, and observations of hip-hop venues. Hip-hop music is created by both male and female musicians from different backgrounds. The aesthetics and ideals of ethnicity are showcased in colleges and universities across the United States. There is more to this than just urban studies and rap music in schools. In this article, we will demonstrate how hip-hop has a huge impact on students’ actions and their perspectives on teaching living, and learning on campus.

    Wrong perspective on violence

    Hip-hop culture has been associated with an increase in crime rates among teenagers. When you watch a hip-hop music video, you’ll notice that violence is one of the main themes. In most instances, they involve demonstrations, robberies, and fights. When college students watch a video about a heist, they are tempted to employ the same techniques to carry out the operation in the real world. Hip-hop music has encouraged a lot of young people to do things that the artists depict in their songs.

    When you look at the number of people who have committed serious crimes, you’ll notice that they love listening to hip-hop songs. Most hip-hop artists also have a criminal past. Studies have shown that hip-hop venues tend to be places where aggression dominates. However, peoples’ personalities cannot affect hip-hop culture. As a college student, you should seek law essay writing help to find time to research the best hip-hop artists.

    It affects student vocabulary

    Most tutors and parents discourage students from listening to hip hop due to obscene language. Rappers use a wide range of terms to convey a different connotation to what they mean. For instance, most hip-hop artists use the term “bitch” to refer to a female despite the real meaning of the word sounding harsh or rude. When young students listen to their favorite artists who use these words, they imitate them. Despite what they think of the music, adults around them see it as immaturity or . However, listening to a conscious hip-hop artist will not negatively affect your vocabulary.

    Sexual content is common

    It is a known fact that most teenagers are interested in exploring their sexuality. Therefore, sexual content attracts them unlike anything else. Most college students have embraced hip-hop music hoping to gain a larger perspective on this topic. While this genre of music doesn’t always feature sexual themes explicitly, some artists advocate for sexual wellness. Research studies conducted by scientists at Florida State University have found that teenagers who spend a lot of time watching hip-hop videos with sexualized imagery are more likely to engage in hazardous sexual intercourse which can lead to unplanned pregnancies, abortions, sexually transmitted infections, and loss of lives. However, researchers have noted that the explicit visuals and words are the cause and not the genre itself.

    It has a positive approach to philosophy

    Hip-hop music is not just focused on gangster life and slang. A wide range of music genres and ideas can be found in this culture. And that’s why it has dominated the music scene for several decades. Some artists talk about gang violence while others promote important life values such as love, patience, unity, and life philosophy. There are a lot of hip-hop musicians who have created music for kids.

    Students get to learn about street life

    Hip-hop was created to provide a voice to people who don’t have one. It focuses on street culture which is a place that every student will have to start from. It’s where success and failure land on different sides of the same coin. Listening to hip-hop songs will help you understand how challenging the streets can be especially when you need help to survive and thrive. Since the chances of getting financial assistance are low, most people decide to find the best means to survive.

    It teaches peace

    Hip-hop is a popular symbol of peace and unity. And this part of culture is celebrated by millions of people across the world. This is a fact because people of different ages listen to hip-hop music created by different artists in all corners of the world. Hip-hop keeps people from different backgrounds together because of the appreciation that culture represents.

    The impact of hip hop on college students can be interpreted in many ways. For fans, the songs tend to be engaging and catchy. Finding the right artists and listening to their songs can transform your life for the better. You don’t have to emulate people who are walking on the wrong path. Instead, be a good example to them.

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